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Sanford 30078 Sharpie Fine Tip Permanent Marker (070735022622)

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Sanford Sharpie Grip 1.0mm Fine Tip Permanent Markers Eight-Color Set

Oct 4, 2006 (Updated Oct 4, 2006)
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Pros:Multi purpose. Good size tip. Great selection of colors.


The Bottom Line: This is a reliable product with many uses at a good price.

I was pleasantly surprised when hubby brought home a package of Sanford Sharpie Grip 1.0mm Fine Tip Permanent Markers (8 in all). I am a marker groupie. One time for Christmas hubby stuffed my stocking with packages and packages of Sanford red fine tips, it doesn't take much to make me happy, I was VERY happy. I also love dirt, mulch, rocks,no stinky jewelry for this gal. Shop the local Staples for our anniversary and I'll be dancing with glee. I guess getting this set of 8 colors was like a kid getting a new box of crayons. It made me very happy and its nice to know hubby knows the way to a gal's heart. Did I mention he once got me a coffee can full of ladybugs for our anniversary? I just about swooned with happiness.

The variety of colored Sanford Sharpies in this package include:

Spruce green
Lime green

There are at least 21 other colors available as well.

I'm also an artist so I just have a ball sketching, doodling, making wrapping paper and touching up items with my Sanford Sharpie Fine Tip Permanent Markers . I make my own gift tags and I do a lot of crafts. I use them when I paint on antique sleds. I do Victorian looking Santas and the Sanford Sharpie Permanent Markers are super for fine detailing like the little eye glassess I have the Santa wearing as well as for doing the lettering.I also paint on windows and again the detailing is easier and better looking with Sanford products.

I am the Bleach Queen in the runs with scissors category . I love bleach but tend to ruin a lot of clothing, I never plan on bleching and am usually wearing something that will be ruined if it gets bleach on it. I also do not learn from experience. So, over and over I've had to correct little splotches on my clothing. Sanford Sharpie Fine Tip Permanent Markers again come in working like a champ. The many colors in the Sanford line lets me correct many blotches on many items of clothing. They also work when you get a mark on your clothing, if its the right place or pattern you can make it into an acceptable part of the existing design using Sanford Sharpie Permanent Markers

I don't let my younger grandkids use these yet, they apply too much pressure, ruining the point and the permanent aspect is just plain dangerous in the hands of the kiddies. So far, only the 10 year old qualifies for this responsibility and only with my supervision.

Easter eggs can be decorated with Sanford Sharpie Permanent Markers I just wouldn't eat the egg if you use markers and if you like to decorate shells this fine tip is a good product for detailed designs or lettering sayings or names on the eggs.

Use the Sanford Sharpie Permanent Marker to labvel clothing as well. The fine point works well for this, again,do not aply too much pressure or you could get a blurry, bleed problem.

The fine tip point gives a nice clean line. You do have to be aware that if you hold it down too long or work on absorbant paper it will thicken or bleed. A fast delicate touch is best. The barrel is comfortable and the cap snaps on tightly with a little pressure. All in all a nice product. Price depends on where you shop.

Sanford Corp Guarantees the product performance. You can return your Sharpie Fine Tip or other Sharpie products for a replacement. I never have had to do this but its nice toknow they stand behind their product.

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