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Sanford 30078 Sharpie Fine Tip Permanent Marker (070735022622)

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A college students best friend!

Oct 21, 2007
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Pros:They are permanent

Cons:They are permanent

The Bottom Line: In need of little brightness added to your schedule, or help in catching your roommate stealing your food, add a package of Sharpie's to your collection of college supplies.

I thought only small children understood the excitement of colorful markers, but when I came to college, I began to understand that childlike excitement that only a colorful Sharpie marker can bring. Only a college student can really understand the world of endless possibilities that a Sharpie brings, so as I strolled the aisles of the local Wal Mart one day with my roommate, our eyes fell upon a package of Sanford Sharpie Grip 1.0mm Fine Tip Permanent Markers and we began to feel a deep sense of excitement from our head to our toes. Most would look at a Sharpie and think, "What can a felt tip pen really do?" But the ways in which a Sharpie pen can help a college student succeed are virtually countless. A Sharpie can save a college student money, help a college student's grades, and help them be places on time; and while a Sharpie has a lot of practical uses, it can provide some fun as well. Who would have ever thought that a little pen held such big possibilities?

How in the world can a felt tip pen save money you ask? One of the most precious and expensive commodities that a college student possesses is their food. It's also probably one of the items stolen most often by roommates, causing a poor, starving college student to have to go out and buy more food and spend what precious little money they have. A Sharpie however, in the color of your choice, can quickly alleviate this problem. A Sharpie pen is a bold, permanent way to take ownership of your precious food. When a roommate sees your name written boldly across a can of soup or box of cereal, that show of ownership sends them the "hands-off" signal and lets them know that they'd better go somewhere else to find food. Sharpie pens are also excellent for marking the level of liquid in your juice bottle or milk jug, to find out if someone is swiping swigs of your beverages behind your back. In short, the bright, bold ownership statement a Sharpie provides will make a poor college students food last longer, leaving more money in their pocket.

To some, it may seem a little grandiose to claim that a Sharpie can help a student's grades and help them get places on time, but that's another one of the beauties of a Sharpie pen. The life of a college student is a hectic one with classes to attend, deadlines to meet, and those ever important social functions that can't be missed. A college student can write down due dates and dates of important functions in a notebook or calendar with your run-of-the-mill pen, but with all of the writing that a college student does, and the notes that are posted everywhere, it's easy to overlook these dates as just more meaningless scribble. A Sharpie on the other hand, makes things stand out. There a about a million and one colors of Sharpie pens available which creates quite a few ways to post a date in a way that it will be remembered. When you're flipping through your calendar and you see "Final Friday at 1:00" written in huge hot pink letters, it's pretty hard to forget. Or,when you sit down to your computer and see "English paper due Tuesday!"written on a Post-It note in bold, bright green, there are few excuses for missing a deadline. So, while the boring old black or blue pen may work for some, the fun, bright reminder that a Sharpie provides is hard to miss and helps a student to keep all of those important dates straight in their head so they can keep that straight A average!

So a Sharpie has a lot of practical uses, but there's some fun trapped in that little pen too. What gets a student through a class better than a Picasso of a doodle in a notebook during a boring lecture? A Sharpie can up the fun-factor of in-class doodling with all of it's bright,exciting colors, turning even the most ordinary of scribbles into a masterpiece. And, last but certainly not least, what's more fun for a college girl than coloring on the face of an exhausted college guy while he's fast asleep after a long day of studying? A Sharpie will give them that "lasting" message that you were there while they were snoozing.

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