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Sanford Sharpie Chisel-Tip Permanent Marker (38250)

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Eight Cool Colors of Sharpie Goodness

Sep 16, 2009
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Pros:bold, vibrant colors
permanent, fast-drying ink
lovely, usable colors

Cons:permanent (depends on the situation)
odor (depeding on sensitivity)
no brown marker

The Bottom Line: These Chisel Tip Sharpies come in handy for a variety of applications.  These quality markers have been used over and over and still prove their worth.

Sharpie brand markers have made their way into most people's hands at one time or another.  They have a long list of uses, and have come in handy for me on a bundle of occasions.  Last Christmas, I received an 8-pack of Sharpie Chisel Tip Broad Line Markers as a gift.  This made me quite happy, as the many uses rolled through my head.  I am a crafter, and make a wide variety of things, and these markers have more than proved their worth.

Product Details
These Sharpie Chisel Tip Markers have a very broad tip, which is 1/2 cm.  Their thick handles make them easy to hold and maneuver, and each marker has a plastic clip on it so you can clip it to your pocket should you have the desire to do so.  My pack came in a plastic pouch where there is a flap that can be lifted up to access the markers.  The flap has one way of staying closed, which is two little sticky areas on either side.  These have long since worn out on my pack, but the pouch still keeps the markers all in one place, though they do tend to bunch up.  There are 8 markers in this pack, providing the user with a decent amount of color choices.  Each plastic cap is colored like the marker, so there is no mistaking which color you have chosen.  The caps click on and seem to stay securely on the marker.  I haven't noticed any markers drying up at all.

The colors included in the Sharpie Chisel Tip pack are:
Black - standard, pitch black
Red - fresh, blood red
Dark Green - not quite forest green, but still dark
Light Green - lime or spring grass green
Dark Blue - a very vibrant blue (not denim or navy)
Light  Blue - a cloudless summer sky blue
Purple - 1/2 to 1 shade lighter than eggplant purple
Orange - pumpkin says it all

My Experience
As with any Sharpie marker I have used, the colors match the cap color very well, and are quite bold.  The ink is thick, but where it is placed is where it stays.  Even if the paper (or whatever material) gets wet, it won't smear or make the ink run.  The color is even as the maker is used, and dries very fast.  I find that the chisel tip comes in handy for different applications and desired results.  Using the full chisel tip, you can easily make thick lines, letters, or color something in.  At the end of the chisel is the smaller tip, which allows you to make smaller lines, about the size of a medium point Sharpie marker after its been used for some time.  I haven't noticed these particular markers wearing down, which is great! 

There is a negative I must mention with these markers.  The chisel tip on a few of the markers isn't completely smooth.  This means that when using it, I find that there are gaps in my lines sometimes, unless I press hard.  Also, a couple of the markers have little snags, or pieces, that are coming off from one side or another, and then drag on the paper, thus making little, skinny, undesired lines.  It isn't a big inconvenience, now that I know about it.

I have found that it can take a little getting used to working with the chisel tip.  The tip is precise, making the user have to place the marker carefully, and keep it in the exact same position in order to achieve a uniform line.  If you plan on doing any precise art work with these markers, I suggest a little practice, or just use a normal rounded tip Sharpie. 

As for the scent of these markers, it isn't too bad.  It has that permanent marker odor, but it isn't as strong as I had expected a marker of this size to be.

My only wish with these markers is that this pack included some shade of brown.  However, the included colors are great.

My Uses
I've used these markers in a number of applications.  They work best on completely smooth surfaces (like the glossy pages of a magazine).  I use them on art canvases as a background guide color for certain pieces I make, and the rigid material of the canvas makes it harder to get smooth, even lines.  But, with those projects, it doesn't matter, so it is okay.  They also have come in handy for labeling plastic freezer bags, plastic containers (like the date I opened a package of lunch-meat), and even blacking out an important number on a piece of paper to discard. 

Sharpie markers define the word "permanent."  They won't wash out of clothes (that I've seen), and they have a big chance of bleeding through paper onto the next surface.  They will wash off of skin, but it takes some effort and time.  For these reasons, I wouldn't recommend them to be used with children, unless very closely supervised.

Sharpie is made by Sanford, a division of Newell Rubbermaid.
Sharpie markers are made in the USA.

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