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Scarguard MD 15 ml (SC10100)

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Scarguard MD - Smelly & shiny but my scar is less noticeable!

Dec 28, 2011
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Pros:easy to use, small bottle, dries quickly

Cons:noticeable, peels off, expensive, smells

The Bottom Line: Scarguard MD is a little pricey, but besides the smell and shine, it is very easy to use and my scar is less noticeable.

Some of you may not know that on October 10, 2011, I had surgery to remove a dysplastic nevus in the second stage of change (i.e. precancerous mole) on my chest. I had stitches for 7 days. After the stitches were removed, my plastic surgeon told me to use Scarguard MD for the next three months on the scar. Prior to the surgery, my mom went to Walgreens and purchased the .5 fluid ounce bottle for $30. Pricey, but worth it.

The box is small and easy to open. The box is blue, white, and gray. There are two different sizes Scarguard MD. You could purchase the 1 fluid ounce bottle for around $60, but my mom opted for the .5 fluid ounce bottle for $30. There is a long information packet for your reading entertainment, along with the brush to the scar guard. I twisted off the cap to the scar guard and put the brush into the small bottle. This bottle has been my friend for the past few months.

You should not put scarguard on stitches, only healed scars. I am prone to keloid scarring, so I was hoping that this would not only make my inch and a half long scar look better, but prevent a keloid from forming. The Scarguard needs to be applied twice a day on clean, dry skin. You need to wait one minute before having the Scarguard come into contact with your clothing or it may stain. Don’t use this product on mucus membranes, on children under the age of 2, or on open wounds. Use it in a ventilated area since this stuff stinks (see below).

Scarguard MD claims to use SG5 technology; the formula for in the Scarguard MD is a combination of silicone, cortisone, and vitamin E. The silicone helps shrink scar tissue, the cortisone helps with scar irritation, and the vitamin E helps soften and moisturize the scar.

When you open the bottle of Scarguard, the scent is of a very strong nail polish. It’s disgusting. When I brushed the Scarguard on, it goes on clear and smooth. The brush is perfect for the size of my scar and very easy to apply. Scarguard only takes a minute to dry. If I am in a rush, I blow on the area and it dries quicker. When it dries, it looks very shiny. It definitely draws attention to the scar.

The Scarguard stays intact with my skin for the most of the day. I found that if I exercise, shower, or sleep, the shiny, snakeskin like will rub off. Sometimes, it peels off on its own. I would remove the rest of it and throw it in the garbage. Sometimes, I would have to apply this more than 2 times per day depending on my activity level. It has never stained my clothing.

When I first started using the Scarguard, my scar was very red and angry looking. I am almost post op three months and the redness has definitely reduced and the scar feels softer than it did.

I like Scarguard because it was very easy to use and remember. The bottle is small so it can be carried anywhere. I think that the fancy SG5 technology combination definitely works and helps the scar to heal. The brush is small and the liquid is applied quickly and easily. It only takes one minute to dry into a shiny snakeskin. Since I have been using this product, I think that my scar looks less noticeable. It has definitely flattened out since the surgery.

I don’t like the nasty smell (you just get used to it) and how when the Scarguard dries it looks extremely shiny. You definitely draw attention to the scar. Sometimes, the Scarguard peels off so you might have to reapply often. It is also a little expensive; $30 for one .5 fluid ounce bottle.

I will continue to use this product because I think that the longer and more consistent you use it, the less noticeable the scar will be.

I would be curious to see how other anti-scar creams would compare to Scarguard. Scarguard was recommended to me by my plastic surgeon so that is why I chose to use this product.

4 stars.

Thanks for the read,


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