Scary Ghost #4650 by Playmobil Reviews

Scary Ghost #4650 by Playmobil

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Get Ready For Some Spooky Fun With Playmobil's Scary Ghost!

Mar 27, 2007
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Pros:Awesome glow in the dark cover, candelabra, ball and chain.

Cons:Chances are this won't be sold in retail stores.

The Bottom Line: Are you a Halloween fanatic? Collect ghosts? Think Playmobil figures rock? Then guess what, this is one Scary Ghost you won't want to be without!

Being someone that is into Halloween and Playmobil, coming across the Scary Ghost was a huge surprise. I never expected to see it at the website so I had to jump on it while it was still in stock. I have a few other glow in the dark figures from Playmobil and they are all well made and glow for at least ten to fifteen minutes if they have been exposed to alight source for about a minute. This one comes with some very cool extras that can be used with any other standard size Playmobil figure. My goal is to get all of the older spooky figures and sets and have a huge set up for this Halloween. Of course, every time I say that, I end up finding out that there are more and more sets and figures that I am missing, in other words, it is a never ending quest. I was really surprised when this arrived; I knew that it would look cool but not this cool.

Playmobil Scary Ghost 4650

What makes this ghost so scary? Well he has a glow in the dark shroud, comes with a ball and chain that can be attached to its foot and carries a very eerie looking blue transparent candelabra. Since the figure is standard size [almost three inches high] he can be used with other Playmobil sets and figures without worrying that it's going to stick out like a sore thumb. One thing that this figure lacks is shoes, that's right, no shoes. That might make it seem like he would be a little shorter than other figures but the top of the shroud makes up for it. The figure has the usual points of articulation; neck, arms, legs, wrists and waist. He never falls over thanks to the flat feet so you don't have to worry about him starting 'the domino effect' with other figures.

The shroud that covers the figure is one solid piece; it looks like it is two separate pieces but that's not the case. Part of the illusion is the white head piece that is on the figure; it makes it look like there are two section. This is what glows in the dark and gives it a very creepy look. The longer you expose it to a light source, the longer it will glow. I have a few glow in the dark figures and they do throw you for a loop when you turn the light off and they start glowing and you temporarily forget that they do indeed glow. The shroud isn't a necessity; you can display the figure without it. In case you are wondering what the figure looks like without the shroud; it's your basic Playmobil figure with an all black body and white skeleton bone stenciling. His face is white with blue eyes and a blue mouth.

What makes this a nice thing to collect? There aren't that many Halloween or spooky related sets from Playmobil so when they release a figure like this, it is usually a good seller. When they released the figures in the pals and Special lines, most of them sold for $1.99, even the ones that came with accessories. Sadly, this one will cost you a little more. These are selling for $2.99 at the Playmobil Online Store and so far, it's the only place that I have been able to find them. These make for great gifts for Halloween or for any other time of year providing that the recipient would find it acceptable to receive something like this.

The Bottom Line

This is a great figure for anyone that collects Playmobil or is into scary and spooky things. It would be even nicer if it had the $1.99 price tag but you can't say that you are getting cheated when you buy this. The glow in the dark shroud is what really makes this a nice thing to buy but the ball and chain and candelabra are great accessories for any aspiring ghost to have. This is suggested for kids ages five and older and most of that is because of the ball and chain, they don't come apart easily but I can see how it would fall apart if a child were gnawing on it. If you have any of the other Halloween sets this makes for a great addition to them; Playmobil hasn't released any details about if this set will be sold in stores or if it is a limited edition so if you come across it, don't pass up your opportunity to get one!

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Large & Small Ghost Set
Tiger & Dragon Set
Evil Witch
Pirate & Skull
Glow In The Dark Ghost
Evil Knight

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Amount Paid (US$): 2.99
Type of Toy: Other
Age Range of Child: Whole Family

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