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Oskar Shindler's List of Life

May 22, 2000
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Pros:A vivid event of a great man


Shindler's List
author: Thomas Keneally
ISB 0671880314
Price: 12.00

The American Joint Distribution Committee has throughly investigated the wartime and Occupation activities of Oskar Shindler...Under the guise of operating a Nazi labor factory first in Poland and then in the Sudetenland, Shindler managed to take in as employess and protect the Jewish men and women destined for death in Auschwitz. Shindler's camp in Brinnlitz was the only camp in the Nazi occupied territories where a Jew was never killed or beaten, but were treated as human beings.

Loosely quoted from a letter written by M.W. Beckelman, the vice chairman of the Joint's Executive Council.

In that one paragraph the reader knows one of the most bravest men involved in the Holocaust. Shindler had to play up being a part of the Nazi party to keep himself, and his "employees" alive.

Shindler's List is a story about the man, Oskar Shindler. A German man that started his life without a real thought for others besides himself and wanted the riches of life that he usually squandered faster then it came into his pockets.

But the squandering was for reasons. He had to keep the Nazi parties distracted from his black-marketing and his saving the Jews towards the end. He would wine and dine many men like the SD chief Czurda, Julius Madritsch, Herr Commandant Goeth. By keeping these men and others like them at a arms span away and an ear whispering close, he was able to expand his business and eventually his stand in keeping his "employees" alive.

Shindler's List is composed of research of letters, court documents and interviews about the man, Oskar Shindler.
Thomas Keneally gives you the accounts of a man and his life, from his childhood till the day he left this earth. He brings you into the home of Shindler, when he was a "player of women", a harsh employer and a man with a heart of gold.

The author doesn't play up about the camps or the life outside of the ghettos. He keeps the main interest about the people involved with Shindler. There is brief encounters about what was happening on the outside of their world, but the main focus stays where it is important for these survivors...Oskar Shindler.

Most people do not realize that Shindler was considered a camp leader. He didn't play the role to his "employees", but did for the Nazi party. He had to buy his way into being in control of the camp with false promises and white lies. He was justified for his lies at the end when he was told he was a free man.

Oskar Shinder eventually sailed to Argentina, taking with him half a dozen families of the Schindlerjuden, paying th epassage for most of them. With his wife he settled in Buenos Aries and worked for ten years. Eventually he moved back, and his wife stayed back. He had to listen to, and read, in the German papers about his pass events, some glowing some disregarding him as a criminal. But like his pass, he took it all in and lived a life that satisfied him. Oskar Shindler in his sixties was working with the German Friends of Hebrew University. A man who never stopped his real mission in this world.

Shindler died in October 9 1974. He was buried in Jerusalem. He was and still is mourned throughout the world as the man who truly loved.

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