Scooby Snacks Crunchy Dog Snacks for Medium - Large Dogs 1.5lb Box Reviews

Scooby Snacks Crunchy Dog Snacks for Medium - Large Dogs 1.5lb Box

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Do the "Doo" Snacks

Nov 15, 2004
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Pros:hard biscuit to keep tartar off teeth

Cons:animal plasma and dried cheese product?

The Bottom Line: good for oral health; mechanically removes tartar buildup; doesn't upset dog's stomach--won't upset yours if you don't read the ingredients list

My 3-year-old daughter loves giving our 3-year-old Lab mix Molly her treats at night when Molly goes to bed. We always give our dogs dry treats, to keep the tartar from building up on their teeth. I don’t like chasing dogs around with toothbrushes; we feed dry Science Diet and supplement with Science Diet t/d to help keep the tartar buildup to a minimum. I don’t want to feed chewy treat and sabotage all that effort!

I like trying different dog treats now and then, just for variety. I’ll stick with one for awhile, and then switch after a year or so. Not that I think my dog really cares; it’s just fun to buy something new. After Meaty Bone and Milk Bone, I decided to go with something ‘novel’. Enter Scooby Snacks.

Luckily these are shaped like something other than bones. I say that because there are children’s snacks called Scooby Snacks that look like bones, and we wouldn’t want to get them mixed up with the dog treats (the boxes are even close to the same size)! The shapes of these treats are the Mystery van (reddish brown), dog tag (mustard yellow), Scooby’s head (brown) and Shaggy’s head (orange). Each shape has a different flavor to it: Scooby is beef flavor, Shaggy is cheese, the dog tag is chicken, and the Mystery van is bacon.

Now they all smell the same to me, and my dog doesn’t seem to prefer one over the other when I put one of each down in front of her, so I don’t know if they actually taste different or not. But she eats each one with gusto and she eats all of them, so I guess she likes them. She breaks it apart with her teeth and then eats each piece (about 2 or 3 pieces). They're not very big; 2.25" is the longest dimension on any of them, but they are shaped awkwardly (except for the diamond, maybe), with the ears and wheels and hairstyle sticking out, so maybe it's not as easy to eat as a nice flat symmetrical Milkbone-type biscuit?

The box is only a 1.5 pound box, so at a few treats a day, the box doesn’t last long. It’s $2/box, so it’s not that expensive, but you can get more dog treats for your money with other brands. These are 11% protein (minimum) and 5% fat (minimum), but they shouldn’t be fed as the sole food source (nor should any treat for that matter).

When you look at the ingredients list, you don’t see meat until pretty far down the list: ground wheat, grain sorghum, animal fat, meat by-products, salt, beef and bone meal, animal plasma, potassium sorbate, beef, chicken, dried cheese product, caramel color, natural smoke flavor, artificial bacon flavor, guar gum, yellow 5, minerals, vitamins, yellow 6, red 40. So there’s more salt than meat! And just what is ‘dried cheese product’? I know what cheese is, but cheese product? The animal plasma is a little unsettling—I’m picturing cattle on reclining beds donating plasma. Yuck.

Of course the main reason most people are going to buy this product is because of Scooby Doo, so there is an ad on the back of the box for Scooby Doo merchandise that you can get by sending in “Scooby Doo dollars” (found in the box – either $1, $3, or $5). Only one item is $5, so with most of the merchandise (travel mug, mini soccer ball, plush toy, etc.) you’ll have to buy at least two, if not more, boxes of Scooby Snacks to get enough Scooby Doo dollars. And every item has a s/h fee of $1.99 also. According to the bottom of the box, the odds for finding $1 Scooby Doo in the box are 1:1.33, the odds for finding $3 in your box are 1:5, and for finding $5 it’s 1:20. You can get ONE free dollar from the website per household.

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