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The Scotts Company Scotts Grubex Season Long Grub Control (34405)

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Protect your Turf!

May 18, 2003
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Pros:Good Grub Control


The Bottom Line: One application will protect grubs all season long.

Is your lawn turning brown and yellow even though you keep it watered. You may have lawn grubs. Grubs are small white worms that eat away the healthy roots of lawn grass and can wipe out an entire lawn in a a matter of weeks if left unchecked. These grubs are ugly looking, small white c-shaped worms that are about 3/4 inches long. And believe me when I say this, these creatures can build up a powerful hunger.

A grub is the larva of the Japanese Beetle or the June Beetle. In June, the adults work their way to the surface to mate and feast on your flowers and foilage. They then will lay their eggs in the ground. The eggs will then hatch, and the young grubs will eat and grow causing the most damage to your garden and lawn in late Summer and early Fall before burrowing down to rest for the Winter. Grubs can be a serious problem here in the Northeast. The thing we try to focus on is prevention.

The best time to wipe out white grubs in your lawn is during the hatching period in August or early September. But if you have a severe grub problem you may need to treat your lawn again in the spring to save your lawn from extinction.

Checking for grubs is easy. If you see yellow or brown loose patches, this could indicate that you have Grub damage. If these patches feel spongy under your feet and the turf can be pulled away easily, you usually have grub damage.

The last time we had grubs in our lawn was 2 years ago, until last September which is when we noticed several brown patches in the lawn. After a thorough check of our lawn we dicovered that we did have grubs again. My husband and I when out and purchased a bag of Scotts GrubEx Season Long Grub Control, which we did apply to our lawn last fall.

Last month we decided that it would be a good idea to treat the lawn again this Spring.
So Off to Home Depot we went and purchased another bag of Scotts GrubEx Season Long Grub Control. This will kill grubs early before they damage a lawn and can be used anytime from Spring through late Summer, and needs only one application. Scotts GrubEx Control will also control not only white grubs, but Japenese beetles, Oriental beetles, chafers and June beetles.

Applying the Scotts GrubEx Season Long Grub Control:

Scotts GrubEx Season Long Grub Control comes in a 14.35 lb. bag which will cover 5,000 square feet of lawn. It comes in a granular form, and can be spread very easily with a spreader. I like the granular form because there is no mixing involved, and you can get a better application spreading it around the lawn. And yes I was the one to apply the GrubEx Grub Control this year to our lawn. I've never had to apply anything to our lawn before, but being my husband has Asbestos lung disease, I'm the one who now has to apply all of our lawn applications. So I applied it to our lawn, and found that it was very easy to apply with our Scotts Broadcast spreader.

Before applying the grub control you should mow the lawn first. By doing this it allows the GrubEx granules to reach the soil faster. One thing that my husband still insists on doing is mowing our lawn with his ride on lawn mower. We both agreed that this is fine for him to do as long as he wears a mask.

After applying the grub control I watered the whole lawn with at least 1 inch of water. Don't count on rainfall to do the job, sometimes rainfall is never hard enough to push the granules down to the roots where these grubs live. This is why it's important to water the lawn well.

Once the GrubEx Grub Control has been spread on the lawn it's a good idea to check the lawn after a few weeks to make sure that the grubs are gone. You can then repair any damage with seed or a lawn fertilizer patch.


The Scotts GrubEx Season Long Grub Control can be harmful to humans and domestic animals. It contains Imidacloprid and can be harmful if swallowed or absorbed through the skin and can also cause eye irritation. When I applied it I made sure that I wore an old long sleeved shirt, and my garden gloves. I also washed my face and hands immediately after with soap and water after handling.

Children and pets should not be allowed to play on the lawn where it has recently been treated. When I did our lawn I even let both of my neighbors on each side of our house know that our lawn had been treated with a Grub chemical. My one neighbor has 2 young boys and our other neighbor has a dog and a cat.

To avoid any environmental hazards, never apply the granules near any running water or ponds.

When the bag Of GrubEx Grub Control is empty, it's a good idea to place the empty bag in a large trash bag, tie it off and then it can be properly disposed of in a trash can.


Any left over GrubEx Grub Control should be stored in a dry place up and away from small children. We have a metal shed in our backyard, and this where we keep all of our lawn supplies.

Scotts GrubEx Season long Control will not interfere with the performance of any other fertilizers or weed controls. Although whenever we have used a grub control we usually waited at least a week before we apply any other kind of lawn applications.

Scotts GrubEx Season Long Grub Control states that the lawn only needs one application. But when fall arrives I plan on checking our lawn again. Some time grubs do go away for a few years and will then show up again for no reason. Usually it has to do with the bug hatch and weather conditions in the Spring and early Summer.

My Final Recommendation:

Good luck with your lawn and keep a good look out for any yellow or brown patches that may start appearing in your lawn. If you do find that you do have grubs, I do recommend the Scotts GrubEx Season Long Grub Control. The Granular form is easy to spread and you don't have to worry about any messy mixing.

Like all other plants, grass is subject to all of the whims of nature, so things like weeds and insects need to be controlled throughout the year.

The Scotts GrubEx Season Long Grub Control can be found at most garden centers or your local lawn and garden store. So good luck with your lawn and keep it maintained well.

Thanks for Reading!!


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