Scotts Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control

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Scott's: The First Step to a Healthy Lawn

Jun 3, 2003 (Updated Sep 2, 2006)
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Pros:Kills a good number of weeds

Cons:Doesn't control crabgrass; Product clumps together

The Bottom Line: This is a decent product, but it doesn't control all types of weeds.

Scott’s is a well- known, well- respected name in lawn care. This company, which is headquartered in Marysville, Ohio, produces a wide assortment of lawn care products that includes such recognizable names as Ortho, Roundup, Hyponex, Miraclegro, and others.

Scott’s itself is best- known for its lawn care products and fertilizers and I have used several of them during my 11+ years as a homeowner. The subject of this review is Scott’s Turf Builder Plus 2 Weed Killer, a dry weed killer that is combined with lawn fertilizer to make your grass thicker and greener.


This product needs to be applied with a spreader to ensure that the dry particles are evenly distributed around your lawn. It’s best to apply the product when the ground is still slightly damp, like in the morning or right after a steady rainfall. This ensures that the particles will cling to the weeds. If the weeds are completely dry, the weed killer will be unable to cling and you won’t get good results. If you don’t expect any rain but want to apply this product, then you will need to turn on the garden hose and sprinkle the lawn first. Also, it’s important that you don’t apply this if you think it will likely rain within 24 hours after application. If it rains too soon, it will wash the product away and you won’t get satisfactory results.

Depending on where you live, Scott’s Turf Builder Plus 2 is best applied in the early Spring months. It works best when the temperature is between 65 and 90 degrees Farenheit. If you live in a colder climate, it might not be warm enough in early Spring to apply this product. You might need to wait until May to spread this on your lawn, to achieve the desired results.

What Weeds does This Product Control?:

Scott’s controls many common weeds and some not- so- common weeds as well. It helps eliminate dandelions, aster, bittercress, black medic, bristly oxtongue, buckhorn, bull thistle, burclover, buttonweed, carpetweed, centella, chickweed, chicory, cinquefoil, white clover, cudweed, curly dock, dichondra, dollarweed, English daisy, evening primrose, filaree, fleabane, ground ivy, healall, henbit, horseweed, knotweed (seedling), lambsquarters, lippia, mallow, moneywort, morningglory, mustard, pennywort, pepperweed, pigweed, plantain, puncturevine, purslane, Florida pusley, ragweed, scarlet pimpernel, shadflower, shepherd's purse, smart weedsow, thistlestitch, and wort.

Product Content:

Scott’s Turf Builder Plus 2 Weed Control contains ammoniacal nitrogen (9.0%), urea nitrogen (10.4%), water- soluble nitrogen (7.8%), water insoluble nitrogen (.8%), phosphate (3.0%), soluble potash (3.0%), and sulfur (derived from methyleneurea, ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate, and potassium sulfate- 11.0%) in its list of active ingredients.

Packaging comes in three sizes: 14.53 pounds, 28.86 pounds, and 43.2 pounds. The reason for the odd weights is because this product is sold based on the number of square feet that it can cover. The small bag is sufficient to treat 5,000 square feet of yard space and the other two can cover 10,000 and 15,000 square feet respectively.

Final Thoughts:

Yard work is by far my least favorite chore as a home owner. I dread pulling weeds, pruning trees, mowing grass, and performing all of the other tedious tasks that go along with the upkeep and landscaping of outdoor property. I put this type of work off as long as I can. I hate the bending, stretching, reaching, and all the other misery that goes with yard work. If the price for professional landscaping wasn’t so high, I would probably pay to get it done. But the cost just doesn’t seem worth it when I know I can accomplish the work myself with the proper motivation.

My yard has some weed problems and some thin areas where the grass isn’t very healthy. Scotts turf Builder Plus 2 seemed like the product to use because it contains weed killer and lawn fertilizer- exactly the two things my yard needs. I purchased a 5,000 square foot bag and proceeded to distribute with my broadcast spreader.

Right away, I noticed a few things about this product that were less than satisfactory. First of all, it clumps together, so you need to break up the chucks before you try pushing your spreader around. It won’t clog the spreader, but the clumps are often large and they will not be able to pass through the opening. And the spinning motion of the metal rod near the opening of a broadcast spreader isn’t sufficient to break up the clumps. You have to do it by hand. The same is true if you use a drop spreader. It also creates a “dust” of fine particles that are easy to inhale if you get too close. They are irritating and can be harmful to some people.

The ultimate reason to recommend/not recommend a weed killer product is the final results that it produces. With Scotts, my results were mixed. Before I used Scott’s, my yard was covered with crabgrass, blue violets, and some dandelions and other weeds. The violets are all gone now, and so are most of the dandelions and the miscellaneous weeds. But the crabgrass- my main problem- was virtually unaffected. I couldn’t understand why, so I checked a listing of the weeds that this product is supposed to control (listed above) and guess what? Crabgrass isn’t one of them. I then discovered that Scott’s sells a separate product for controlling crabgrass. Sounds like some clever marketing to me. With crabgrass being such a common problem, Scott’s decided to leave it off the list of weeds that this product controls and create a separate product. Now, I have a yard that no longer has any shades of blue and yellow, but is still covered with green crabgrass.

You do need to take a few precautions when you use weed killer like Scott’s. Once the product is applied, you need to keep pets off the grass for a while until the weed killer has time to take affect. My dog likes to take an occasional nibble on certain weeds, like crabgrass, so it was important that he not be allowed in the yard after I spread the weed killer. It can make pets (and small kids) sick if they eat the particles or breathe in the dust. You also need to make sure that you don’t allow the particles to come in contact with shrubs, flowers, crops, and any other plant that you intend to keep. This product won’t kill trees, but it will kill flowers and other small plants if contact is made and you don’t remove it quickly.

Some people think yard work is relaxing. I think it’s a total pain in the as-! If I had my wish, I would live in a desert or some other place where taking care of one’s “yard” involves deciding which color of rocks to buy. But as long as I’m living here in Ohio, I will be forced to deal with weeds and lawn care. Scott’s turf Builder Plus 2 Weed Killer does an acceptable job, but I think I will stick with liquid lawn killer. I seem to have better luck using liquid over dry weed killer. There’s no dust and it kills the weeds more efficiently.

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