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SCRABBLE SLAM: A Fast Paced Letter Game

Mar 2, 2011
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Pros:everythign fits into the card holder carrying case, fun game

Cons:none really

The Bottom Line: This is a faced paced, fun game.

My daughter received Scrabble Slam for her birthday last year and has enjoyed playing it with friends, family, and her Girl Scout troop.  It is a faced paced spelling game that has some similarities to traditional Scrabble but is basically a very different game.

The Game
The game contains 84 cards and one card rack that doubles as a case.  The card rack measures 10 inches x 4 inches.  There are 4 sections to hold the cards.  The top fits right over the base section to form a carrying case that snaps closed.

The 84 cards are double sided.  Each card has a large letter on the front and a different letter on the back.  In the upper right hand corner are two smaller letters.  The top letter matches the large letter on the fron and the bottom letter matches the letter on the back.  This is done so that when a player holds their cards in a "fan," they can easily tell what letters they have on both the front and back of the card.

To Play
This game is played with 3 or more players.  The first step is to take the cards and make a 4 letter word in the card rack.  The rest of the cards are then distributed to all players evenly.  Once you are ready to start the game, it is fast paced.  Each player looks at their letters and places ONE card down to make a new word and calls out the word.  Any player then places ONE card to make a new word and so it goes.  So, for example, GAME may become FAME if one player puts an F on top of the G.  The word can then become FUME if a U is placed over the A.  Only one card can be placed at a time and there is no turn taking....it is just the first person to place the card.

Words played must be standard English 4 letter words.  No proper nouns are allowed. If a player does not think a word played is real, he calls "time out" and play immediately stops.  Players can discuss the word and/or consult a dictionary if needed.  If the word is deemed legitimate, play continues on.  If it is deemed not real, the card is removed by the player who placed it and then play continues.

Play continues until one player has no more cards.  The object of the game is to use all of your cards before the other players.

My Experiences
My family has played this game and it is a lot of fun.  It is very different from original Scrabble.  It is much faster paced for one.  Also, one only has to concentrate on 4 letter words and is not concerned with the point value of any particular letter.  Finally, one does not have to worry about the strategy of placing words on the game board because scoring is not done that way.  There is no real scoring in Scrabble Slam, just the rush to get rid of all of your cards by making real words!

My daughter played this with her Girl Scout troop recently.  There were 6 girls playing and it was interesting.  Although one does not need to have a great vocabulary as they do in regular Scrabble, one does need to think fast and have a decent concept of words.  It turned out that of the 6 girls playing, it was really 3 girls who were placing most of the letters.  Those 3 girls wound up in nearly a 3 way tie while the other 3 girls were frustrated and did not place many cards.  When a second round was played, those 3 girsl did not choose to play again and the first  3 had a very competitive game.  It just seems to work better for some kids than others.  All of the girls were 9-11 years old and it was not the girls who had trouble were 11, 9, and 9.  The girls who did better were 11, 10, and 9.  I guess it just depends on the child!

I would recommend this game for anyone who enjoys word games.  It is great for kids and adults alike.  My daughter, husband and I can all play and my daughter sometimes can beat us!  It is a fun game.

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