Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

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Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner

Feb 21, 2008 (Updated Feb 23, 2008)
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Pros:Keeps clean showers clean, sheets off water to prevent spots. Smells nice.

Cons:Didn't do nearly as well on a dirty shower.

The Bottom Line: I found this keeps a clean shower clean, it's easy to use, and it smells great.

One of my best friends cleans homes for a living, and one day I ran into her at WalMart's cleaning aisle. She was looking at the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner, and she told me that one of her clients homes has one of these units in their bathroom and the owner raves about it.

Now that I've had a chance to try it out for myself, I'll share my thoughts with you.


The Scrubbing Bubbles Authmatic Shower Cleaner is a kit that comes in a large 10" x 13" box. It contains one dual sprayer and 2 bottles of cleaning solution. Four AA alkaline batteries are included for your convenience.

Obviously, the unit is battery operated, and it has a wire hanger that allows you to hang it from your shower head pipe. There is also a rubber section at the top of the wire hanger so as not to scratch your shower pipe. A heavy 34 ounce bottle of Automatic Shower Cleaner fits snugly, upside down, into the unit.

There is a blue rubber button toward the bottom that activates the system. When you push it in, you'll immediately hear the system beep for 15 seconds, then the dual sprayers are activated for about 12 seconds.

The dual sprayers will rotate for 360 degrees about five times, releasing a generous amount of cleaner into the bathtub and on the walls. The sprayers are said to do two different jobs, one spins to cover the shower area, the other targets the back corners.

The cleaning solution is clear, as is the plastic bottle, so you can easily see when you are running low on cleaner.

Product Claims

* Cleans soap scum
* Cleans mold & mildew stains
* Cleans all 4 walls and tub
* Targets grime in back corners
* One bottle lasts 3 weeks when used daily
* Dries without ugly water spots
* Safe on all bath care products
* Works in showers with curtains or glass doors
* Cleans even tough grime in 14 days

When To Use and Why

The directions say this works best when activated after the last shower of the day, while the shower is still wet. It claims that this will not leave residues that require rinsing, and it actually forms a type of shield agent that helps the water sheet off of the surfaces, leaving no chance for water (and leftover soap scum) to dry and leave spots. If you have hard water, this will also make the water sheet off resulting in less water spots.

My Experience

The box was very hard to open, but once I got all the parts out I proceeded to put it together. I thought it would be easier to put the wire hanger on first (rather than do it when a heavy cleaner has been added), and it was a bit difficult to get the wire snapped into place. Once it did, I was confident it was secure. Next I placed the bottle with the cleaning solution upside down into the unit. There is a one way valve type of cap on the bottle that allows me to do this without any worries of it spilling.

I hung it up on my shower head pipe, so that it was flush against the wall. I closed the shower curtain and pressed the button to see what happened. The unit beeped for 15 seconds and sprayed for only a few seconds. I tried it again, and it repeated the same. The third time I activated the unit it worked as it should, it beeped for 15 seconds and sprayed for about 12 seconds. I actually stood on top of my toilet seat and watched it work. The dual spray rotated in five 360 degree revolutions.

This cleaning kit did a very nice job of keeping my shower clean. I will add that the shower I initially used it on was clean to begin with, except for the tub faucet which is always covered with water or soap scum spots. The shower cleaner not only kept my shower clean, it also, over about two weeks, cleaned up the faucet and kept it clean. My only complaint is that the sprayers don't get high enough on my tiled walls, so the upper portions still need to be washed by hand on occasion. It also doesn't get enough of the tub floor clean. It did restore my tile grout to a nice white color, and kept it looking nice. (This is my biggest pet peeve about cleaning the shower!). The good part is that this can be hung in any area of your shower, as long as you have something to hang it from. So it's possible that other areas can be targeted.

One problem I should mention is that hubby says the shower smells too much like chemicals when he gets in (it doesn't really bother me), and we have noticed that it makes the shower curtain VERY stiff. This would work better on glass shower doors than on a fabric or plastic shower curtain liner.

I have a sensitive nose and don't like chemical smells from many cleaners. My cleaner has the original scent, which makes my bathroom smell very clean and fresh. It's a blend of flower and citrus, but the light smell lingers for a good hour or more after this has been used.

Okay, so it keeps a clean shower clean, what about a dirty shower? Well, let me tell you. Our master bedroom has a shower with large glass smoke colored doors. The tub is made of fiberglass. Both of these have been challenging to clean. The shower doors were damaged when we had very hard water, but we have since installed a water softener in our home. I was really curious to see what this cleaner would do for a shower that didn't start out in the best condition. (We rarely use this shower any longer, but I activated the shower cleaner every day for a month).

This experiment wasn't quite as impressive. This bathtub is larger than our downstairs tub, (it's a jacuzzi shell without the jets). It's longer and deeper than a standard tub. I could watch the unit working through the clear glass doors, and was very disappointed that it didn't reach the back wall of my shower, and it didn't get high enough on the tiled walls and the glass door.

The cleaner didn't do a very thorough job of cleaning my soap scum stained fiberglass bathtub. The whole tub, tile and doors don't look nearly as clean as I had hoped they would when I installed this in our master bathroom. (The company "guarantees" results in 14-21 days). I certainly gave it a long enough trial, but it didn't live up to expectations.

Ingredients and Safety

I could not find any ingredients on the bottle or literature. I called the toll free number on the use and care instructions and asked them. Although I didn't smell any bleach, I am concerned about using it because it kills bacteria, and can harm our septic system.

I was told that this contains a bleach alternative that is a "bleaching agent" which contains a form of chlorine that is less than 1%. They assured me it has been tested and will not harm septic systems. I asked her if it killed germs, and she replied "we do not make that claim".

I was able to find the Material Safety Data Sheet online:

The only ingredients listed there are surfactant (1-5%) and water. The products pH is listed as 5-5.4, slightly acidic, which is consistent with cleaners used to remove mineral deposits.

Under health hazards indentification, "none known" were listed for inhalation, and no medical conditions are known to be aggravated by exposure.

Under their Section 11 Toxicology Information, "none known" were listed for: effects of chronic exposure, sensitization, carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity, teratogenicity, mutagenicity.

All of that information leads me to believe that this cleaner is quite safe. It does not say that the room needs to be ventilated while in use, but it does caution not to mix with other household cleaners.

Customer Service

When I was on the phone with customer service inquiring about bleach, I asked them if they sell any shower caddy's that attach to this unit. When I first tried it, it got in the way of my existing shower caddy, and we had to remove it, even though we didn't want to. Their staff was very professional and helpful, and mailed me a shower caddy that attaches to this unit. They are available only occasionally in the stores, during special promotions, and this took care of our problem.


This kit was close to $30, and the refill bottles retail for around $4.50. Once you get over the sticker shock for the unit, paying less than $5 for almost a month of cleaning solution is not pad. Considering it is doing ALL of the work for me. It's a pretty inexpensive maid!

To Conclude

This did a good job of cleaning our standard sized porcelain bathtub. It kept the hardware shiny and clean, and it removed all water stains from the faucets and tiled walls. It did not do a very good job of cleaning a shower that was dirty to begin with.

The unit comes with a trouble shooting guide that is handy, and it does say that the unit needs to be flush with the back wall to provide the proper coverage. Other possible problems and solutions are addressed as well.

This comes with a one year warranty.

I give this product 4 out of 5 stars.

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