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Scunci SS1000 Cleaner

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Pretty good product, but be careful

Feb 21, 2006
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Pros:Cleans without chemicals

Cons:Runs out of steam quickly and can be awkward/difficult to hold

The Bottom Line: Not as good as infomercial says, but cleaning would be harder and take longer without it. Shop around for good price, return policy and/or extended warranty.

The Scunci Steamer is advertised to easily clean and sanitize nearly everything in and around your home without the use of chemicals. This is pretty much true. I have used it in the kitchen, bathroom, and to get rid of some wrinkles on my shirts. I would not say it is incredibly easy, but it is easier and safer than using a sponge and harsh chemicals. It does a great job on my microwave. My husband sometimes forgets to cover the food he cooks and I end up with dried up gunk inside my microwave. Chemicals are a real no-no in this instance and scrubbing with water and a sponge does not do much but does make my arm tired. The Scunci Steamer definitely helps me out here.

On the kitchen counter, it helps to get stains out from the grout between the tiles. It takes a while, but it would take even longer without it. You do have to go back in forth quite a few times sometimes and the steam can run out before you are done. This is the downside. It would be better if it had a bigger tank. It would also help if the trigger was positioned differently or maybe had an option for continuous action without having to keep your thumb on the trigger. A strap like on some of the other brands would also be nice.

Overall, I have been pretty happy with my Scunci Steamer. You cannot believe everything you see on those infomercials, so I was not too disappointed when it did not behave just like it did on T.V. They usually over exaggerated reality. I did have a problem with it the other day however. I took it out to use and the steam would not come out, the trigger had stopped working. I had emptied the container prior to putting it away last and stored it as they said in the manual, but it still stopped working. I had searched the manual to troubleshoot it, but there was absolutely nothing in the manual to help. There wasn't any information on their website either. Luckily, I had purchased it at target and was able to exchange it. Hopefully, it will not happen again.

I do recommend this product, but advise anyone thinking of purchasing it to buy it someplace like Best Buy where you can return it. Even better, Best Buy offers Product Service Plans. If the product stops working, they will fix or replace the item.

The Scunci Steamer comes with a storage bag containing: Steamer Unit, Water Refill Funnel, Flexible Extension Hose, Bayonet Tip, Angle Nozzle,, 2 Nylon Brushes, Upholstery Nozzle w/ 4 cloth covers, Window Squeegee, and a manual (if you can call it that).

They now also have an optional Scunci Floor Accessory Kit now which contains: 3 extension tubes, 1 wiping cloth, 1 shoulder strap and 1 floor brush head. With this kit you’re supposed to be able to clean hard floors, curtains, draperies, windows and mirrors. I haven’t purchased it yet, but plan to.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 49.00

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