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Indiana Beach Will Help You Go Out To Sea While On The Sea Dragon.

Sep 21, 2011 (Updated Oct 6, 2011)
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Pros:This will bring your ride experience to new heights.

Cons:Height restrictions.

The Bottom Line: This ride may be old, but this will still give your stomach a rush.

At Indiana beach fantasy becomes a reality for adults and your kids when they ride "The Sea Dragon". This was not an addition to the original park until 40 years after the inception of Ideal Beach was formed and that was when it came into existence. This pendulum type ride is one for the bigger riders only, and only if they are taller than 48" to ride alone. This ride sits in the center of the park right next to the board walk. You can't miss the brightly colored lights that are attached to the center mast. This ride will allow the people to get a taste of being swung back and forth in a giant swing. This ride will allow the patrons to scream with enjoyment and swing as high as the ride will take them.

Indiana Beach opened in 1926 under the original name of Ideal Beach, when first opened they started with only two toboggan rides that would take patrons up thirty feet and then let them slide down and into the water. During the summer season at Indiana Beach, you can purchase POP bracelets, which allow you to ride all of the rides in the whole park. Currently the cost to get in Indiana Beach is only $2 plus parking, and plus the price of a POP bracelet ($20) which lets you ride all of the rides all day long. If you like all the rides, then you can ride them all day or you can just spend the day at the water park part of the park. This ride is called "Sea Dragon" and is not an interactive ride, this may take some riders some getting used to, and best of all for them there are no small riders allowed on this ride.

If you have purchased a bracelet (pop bracelet)your child can get into this one for free. There are height restrictions of course, even if you want your child to ride this alone, they will need to be at least 48" tall to be able to ride this alone and at least 36" to ride with an adult. They must sit still and remain seated during the whole ride (approx 4 to 4 ½ min). If safety is a concern of yours, you need not be concerned, even though this is a swinging and moving ride, there has never been any incidents at this particular park. This has no safety belts, just a steel bar that the riders can hold onto, so they have to sit still. This ride only goes in two different  directions and has only one speed, and swinging in the forward and backward directions but very slow. There are some points that you will feel like you are floating in the air and a feeling of weightlessness. Some people call this a pirate ship but this particular one reminds me of a Viking ship. Depending on how brave you are, you can sit further away from the center.

This are a lot of different and more extreme rides located in the park. Even if you don't know their names, you will not want to miss the "The Sea Dragon" Ride. This is fun for all kids and adults alike, of all ages especially the older group. When it is all said and done, they will have rode this ride for about four minutes and had fun making your insides sway. This is basically looks like a Viking sailing ship, this old ship is a brightly colored and decorated with swords and shields all along the sides. These shields depict all of the shields of the knights at the round table. On the center mast you will even see a rolled up sail and a crow's nest, where a look out would stand when they go out to sea. This is attached together like a pendulum by round and square bar framed pieces that mount to the center pole that is attached together that looks like a triangle. This ship has beautifully wooden and painted body. The seats are not covered or padded, so you will have to make sure that the seats are clean before you sit down in them. There is a total ride capacity of 40 passengers and each seat will hold a maximum of 4 people. There are ten seats all of which are facing the bow of the boat. This Sea Dragon ride is the only one in the whole park and it has flashing lights attached to the center mast on the ship. The front of the ship has a dragon's head and the stern has another dragon head. This ride will positively make your head float with delight, and it really does not matter what time of the year that you go to Indiana Beach. But, depending on what time of the day, that you go will of course depend on how long the wait in the line will be. When it gets really hot outside that is when the line will get really long. We went early in the morning (11 am.) and we were able to walk right up and get on. The park opens earlier than 11a.m., but the rides will not start until 11am.

This ride has been at the park since 1952, and as far as I know because of the slow speed that this goes at there have been no incidents or any accidents that were reported not even any small bumps and bruises. This is one of the older rides at the park. This will allow all of the patrons that are too old to ride the small rides, to be able to ride this one. This will allow them to enjoy a little of the theme park atmosphere for a day. As the day grows on of course, sometimes the lines at all of the rides also grow, and the times will also get longer. Usually, at the particular ride, the lines are never really a problem. This is by no means the only ride that will give you some nice quality time with your child.

If they have a rating system on rotating rides, this is rated in the top 15  at number 13 and I would give this a 3.5 star ride, for how much fun and interaction that you can have with your child at Indiana Beach. You can have a nice time watching your kids smile as they pretend to be in a swinging hammock. This ride, is one ride they will never forget, because it is fun and this is the only one, and special for the really middle aged people. Going to the park is like having a quality visit all year round, you will enjoy and the day at Indiana Beach just as we did. Remember, it is never too late to start having fun with your family.
This park has very beautiful surroundings and is very clean. There are lots of different things to do and over 30 rides for your kids to have fun on. These rides include: the Sky coaster, frog hopper, mini pirate ship, Wabash cannon ball express, red baron biplanes, kiddy autos, cornball express, steel hawg, galaxi, hoosier hurricane, lost coaster of superstation mountain, tig'rr, tilt a whirl, shafer swings, skyride, falling star, paratrooper, merry go round, double shot, giant gondola wheel, music express, rocky rapids, scrambler, shafer queen, splash battle, air crow, antique autos, big flushDen of Lost Thieves, dodg-em, Dr.Frankenstein's haunted castle, flying bobs, kiddy boats, kiddy whips, whinkey the whale, convoy racer,  and the kiddy fire trucks.

Indiana Beach

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