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Oct 4, 2009
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Pros:Preserves and protects fuel systems in all internal combustion engines

Cons:Not well enough known

The Bottom Line: A great help to the homeowner or anybody who has to deal with internal combustion engines and keeping them running year round.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment

One of the areas a motor vehicle owner should learn about is preventive maintenance because leaving something alone sometimes allows problems to develop that could otherwise be headed off if a little foresight were applied. 

I said motor vehicle operator, but really many homeowners have multiple gas engine powered vehicles; garden equipment; boats; motorcycles; and sport utility vehicles - so if you own and operate any of these, this also applies to you. 

The problem is gasoline gets stale sitting in gas tanks and cans, losing its power and, even worse, gasoline attracts moisture from the air and we all know what water does to combustion.  The water also deteriorates the metal parts it comes in contact with so you have corrosion as a byproduct.  Thirdly, it can freeze and cause all the problems that ice does to equipment like gas line freeze up, etc.  The gasoline today besides being weaker that we remember it is often adulterated with ethanol which is alcohol and that even attracts water more than straight petrol.  What are we to do?

I know many people would like to just put away their equipment or park their vehicle until the next use but frankly it is too dang expensive to neglect because build up of stale watery gasoline can really wreck a piece of equipment, drastically shortening its life. A further problem is gasoline has some solid material dissolved in it that coats everything with gum or varnish as it evaporates so the fuel system ultimately gets gummed up and works less efficiently if at all. 

Sea Foam Motor Treatment is an established product that has a 65-year track record of heading off engine problems before they occur and fixing ones that have already started.  It was developed in the marine industry, where outboard motors have notorious problems with water and gumming up due to stale fuel. Sea Foam is a 100% pure petroleum product that cleans internal fuel and oil system components, helping your gasoline or diesel engine run cleaner and more efficiently. 

Sea Foam works in both 4 and 2 stroke motors and diesel motors; basically anything that runs on fuel from your local service station.  It is guaranteed not to harm any engine components, seals, catalytic converters, or oxygen sensors.

Sea Foam can be added to the fuel tank; to the crankcase with the oil; and can be poured down the air intake into the air fuel stream to combat problems in all areas of the motor.  The company claims it liquefies gum and varnish deposits, removes carbon deposits, and frees sticky valve lifters and piston rings with the attendant improvements in idle smoothness and elimination of pinging and hesitation.  Once the car has been treated with Sea Foam using its simple instructions, it is good for 5,000 miles of trouble free performance.

A motor cleaned with Sea Foam makes it easier to diagnose actual mechanical problems, too. Thus Sea Foam is highly regarded by the mechanical profession.

The treatment of your yard equipment like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chain saws, motorcycles, Sea Doos and boat motors is good for two years.  I usually treat the gas can that I fuel the stuff up with so the whole fleet gets serviced or pour a couple of ounces in the fuel tank of my motorcycle, for example. 

On the last fuel up of the season simply use the Sea Foam treated fuel and run the motor enough to ensure the old fuel has been replaced by treated fuel clear up through the carburetor or fuel injection.  You will be surprised how nice it is to fetch your equipment in the Spring and have it fire up without hesitation. 

Gas treatment is at one ounce of sea foam per gallon of gas or diesel.  One sixteen-ounce can of Sea Foam treats a typical car's gasoline tank, stabilizing the fuel for up to two years.  In the crank case oil, use 1 ½ ounces of Sea Foam per quart of oil. This amount is safe for 3,000 miles before an oil change should be performed.  Don't forget that cream puff sports car you keep covered up but occasionally take out for a Sunday drive, also.

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