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I truly enjoyed reading this...
by walkerpkw
...and to let you know I found your review by accident. I wasn't looking for information on a mattress but instead something unrelated. I will say the kitchen counter is quite possibly the perfect height for...certain encounters.

Dec 11, 2009
6:20 pm PST

Re: Great Review!!
hey lynn

this is very serious - oh bugger it lol

Dec 31, 2000
4:46 am PST

Great Review!!
by lynnmonty
I laughed all the way through it-I see how you pick em' apart & make fun!!Lynn
Dec 30, 2000
6:26 pm PST

Kitchen oh really
by grandgram
When our 5 kids were home the kitchen had the most traffic. One has to use creative measures for some time alone. Very funny for a mattress review.
Dec 28, 2000
10:37 am PST

Re: Funny, funny, funny...
BUT, BUT, BUT our hard floor must be harder - or has he lost feeling?

Dec 27, 2000
9:09 am PST

Re: 1/3 of my life in bed?
"night terrors"

hhmmmmm we never called it that - must be yank - whats the 2 year old got to do with it I wonder?

Dec 27, 2000
9:08 am PST

Re: I am going to try NOT to lose any sleep.....
hey Carol
Sounds like you are going to put the knee pads where he can find em this time!!!!

Dec 27, 2000
9:05 am PST

1/3 of my life in bed?
by CANS4US've got to be kidding....I'm a Mom who has a 2 year old who has periodic night terrors! Seriously did it again! GREAT REVIEW!!! HR from me!(what else!?!) :-)
Dec 27, 2000
7:00 am PST

Funny, funny, funny...
by whalewatcher
but REAL men don't need knee pads!
Dec 27, 2000
6:00 am PST