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Jamison Talalay Latex Mattress
by ford2M
My Mother bought two of these mattresses.

The first time I slept on it, it was fine, except when turning. Whenever you turn over, you have to kinda climb out of the hole you made.

It's kinda like sleeping on wet sand on the beach. When I awoke, it was more comfortable. Maybe it softens up with one's body heat, or I didn't want to get up. lol

Three months later, I slept on the mattress again. Was hard to get to sleep on it for the first couple of nights. Hoping they won't get hard as rocks--as some have complained.

I have a Jamison Latex Foam Mattress that I've had for probably seven (7) years. It's still comfortable and supportive. It may have a slight indentation, but doesn't show because I have a thick mattress pad over it.

Have bought another one for another bedroom.

The Jamison I have has a soft and a more firm side, so you can flip it!
Dec 9, 2009
10:05 am PST