All Sealy Latex Mattress Poor Quality! - Stay Clear!!!

Dec 9, 2009 (Updated Dec 9, 2009)
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Pros:Feel great but....big BUT....

Cons:- Back Pain
- Poor Quality
- Ripp Off, warrenty
- Looses Support in months
- Worst customer service

The Bottom Line:

Sealy’s should be investigated for their shady business practices, e.g. poor quality production and fraudulent warranty program. Producing and selling health hazardous products too. Stay clear!!!

The Sealy’s latex mattresses feels great in the beginning but then lower back pain kicks in and you start to wonder. Many might not have back pain and the mattress will feel great but the mattress will provide zero support!

My 1y old Sealy’s latex mattress lost all its support and Sealy’s will not exchange because it is not sagging “enough”. So beware!!! Almost all latex mattresses will not sag enough to qualify for Sealy’s warranty. Sealy's inspection is an unbelievable joke. I thought it was a kindergarten test they were performing.

I called and visited many stores and ALL sales reps confirmed these issues and strongly advised me to stay away from any latex and foam mattress from Sealy’s, Stearns & Foster and Bassett, which are all the same company!

One sales rep lost his job at a retailer he did not want to name because he refused to sell Sealy's latex or form mattress, or any of them. He, as well as I, fell in love with latex mattresses in Europe. He said he had two times three replacements with Sealy's latex mattresses, and tried one Stearns & Foster's all with the same result, "junk". None lasted more than 6 months.

Sealy’s is ripping off consumers with their cheap and overpriced foam and latex mattresses. If you check consumer reviews you will find many negative reviews about Sealy latex mattresses. 

Sealy's is producing and selling products that are hazardous to peoples health. Sealy's should be investigated for their shady business practices, e.g., poor quality production and fraudulent warranty program.  

I now have lower back pain and am out of $2,000, plus medical expenses.

BTW I only wight 180lbs and sleep mostly alone in my king size bed!!!

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