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Sega Genesis Collection (PlayStation Portable, 2006)

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Oh boy, so many games, only one disc!

Mar 31, 2007
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Pros:Tons of games, tons of memories, tons of fun

Cons:Genesis graphics, sound, and gameplay show how far video games have come in 10 years

The Bottom Line: Recommended wholeheartedly for any PSP owners that had a Genesis back in the day. Today's kids wouldn't appreciate these games, but I love them!

So I got a PSP from my wife, and she did a pretty good job blindly picking out a couple of games – Madden 2007 and one of the Grand Theft Auto series. It’s been a while since I played a lot of video games, but with all the traveling my job has been requiring, it’s been a nice time killer. Problem is that games are so complicated nowadays. Kids these days must have fantastic reaction times and the ability to master 8 buttons on a controller plus combinations is beyond me. I long for the days when 3 buttons ruled the roost, and where games were simpler. I longed for…my old Sega Genesis.

Of course having never divulged to my girlfriend/fiancée/wife my old video game playing habits, she knew nothing of my love for all things Sega, so I can’t fault her for not choosing this as one of the starter games, but I picked it up recently and boy am I happy now.

First off let me be clear, the graphics, sound, and general gameplay are nothing compared to the new games. While the PSP is generous in letting you use the analog stick to control movement, most games don’t even let you move diagonally, only left, right, up and down. But for pure memories alone, and those troublesome games that I never quite got to beat long ago, it’s time to settle the score. And one thing Sony/Sega did right – they built in the ability to save your game whenever you want, wherever you are. So when playing Phantasy Star II, you no longer have to find that special item (I forget what it’s even called, it’s been so long) to save your game mid-play. Big thumbs up from me. Now maybe it won’t take years to beat these games, just months and months.

For game selection, Sony or Sega, or whoever put this compilation together did a fantastic job. I do wish they have packed the first Phantasy Star game onto the disc, but since that was a Sega master system game, not a Genesis game, I understand it probably would be disappointing in gameplay and graphics (and not really a fit with the Genesis theme). I also wish they had put on Herzog Zwei, which was not really popular, but was kind of a first generation Command and Conquer type game. Other than that, the games are awesome – just some of the titles that I used to own and play all the time include: Altered Beast, Golden Axe (plus Golden Axe II and III), Kid Chameleon, Phantasy Star II and III (IV is also included, but I never played it before), Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic II (and III), Ecco the Dolphin, Gain Ground, and around 15 others. There are also a ton of extras, like interviews with the creators, unlockable extra games, and the history of several of these games.

All told, this game does NOT in any way demonstrate the capabilities of the PSP (although you can have another person also play in 2-player mode using the wireless connection); but in terms of pure joy, memories, and the amount of enjoyment I’ll probably get from a single purchase, this UMD probably will take the cake.

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