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Sega Genesis Collection (PlayStation Portable, 2006)

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"What goes around comes around..." Sega Genesis Collection

Aug 13, 2008
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Pros:Well translated titles. Some fun extras.

Cons:A bunch of games missing from the collection.

The Bottom Line: Although there are missing games from this collection, it does document the Sega Genesis nicely. Where is "Collection 2"?

Sega really hasn’t had a lot a luck with it’s consoles, with the exception of the Sega Genesis and Sega Master System. I’ve never been able to figure out why many of their consoles never took off. Everybody says it’s because of their timing. Which I really never understood. Most of Sega’s consoles were ahead of everyone else. I enjoyed playing them and have owned a few of their “doomed” machines.

But one thing that Sega has always been known for, is their selection of first party games. Sega has published some of the best known and respected games. Sega was a thorn in Nintendo’s side for a long time. They gave them a run for their money long before Sony entered the fight. Probably the most well known battle between Sega and Nintendo (I like to call it “Round II”) was between the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo (SNES) which featured advertisements that seemed more like political campaigns than ads to sell “toys”. Remember the slogan “Sega Does What NintenDon’t… ?

Anyway, Sega produced some of the most memorable games. Who doesn’t remember how addicting it was to play Columns and then denied that you were addicted to it?


Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle
Altered Beast
Bonanza Bros.
Comix Zone
Decap Attack (staring Chuck D. Head)
Ecco The Dolphin
Ecco: The Tides Of Time
Ecco Jr.
Gain Ground
Golden Axe
Golden Axe II
Golden Axe III
Kid Chameleon
Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star III: Generations Of Doom
Phantasy Star IV: The End Of The Millenium
Shadow Dancer: The Secret Of Shinobi
Shinobi III: Return Of The Ninja Master
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Super Thunder Blade
Sword Of Vermilion
Vectorman 2
Virtua Fighter 2


Astro Blaster
Congo Bongo
Space Fury
Super Zaxxon


The graphics have been faithfully reproduced, and it’s really hard to tell the difference between the original Sega Genesis version and the Sony PSP port. Alex Kidd features the cute pastel-like color scheme we all grew to love and Sonic The Hedgehog is still just as dazzling with the flashing/sparkly lights as it was when it was released. Also the “comic book” style graphics of Comix Zone is pretty interesting, and is part of the gameplay as well. I never played the game up until the purchase of this compilation. Detailed character movement and other effects make this came a pleasant play. The motion-captured graphics of Vectorman is still impressive as it was when it was released. Graphics have come a long way since the release of these games, but sometimes it’s the simplest things that stand out.

I have not noticed any problems with the screen blurring too much during games like Sonic The Hedgehog while he’s traveling at high speeds. I’ve heard a lot of complaints, but I don’t notice anything that I could call a problem.

The water effects in the Ecco The Dolphin series are nice, and the sea life is represented nicely. You sometimes forget how well of a job Sega did on these games, and you also don’t realize how powerful a machine the Genesis was until you take a look back.


Don’t tell me that you have never had the urge to hum the theme music to Sonic The Hedgehog or it’s sequel!?! Remember how haunting it was to hear Zeus say “Rise From Your Grave… in Altered Beast? All the audio from the games are intact.

Before games had voice-overs, before there were fully orchestrated scores㐄-bit music never sounded any better. We’ve come a long way not only in visuals, but in the audio as well. It’s fun to listen to the music and other sound effects.


One of the first games to be launched with the Sega Genesis is the side-scrolling action game, Altered Beast. I used to love playing this game. I played it every time I went to the arcade, and several grocery stores even had an arcade cabinet. I never realized how bothersome though the forced scrolling was. But it’s still fun. Controls are a little stiff, but not too bad.

Most of the titles included are side-scrolling adventure games. Shadow Dancer (aka Shinobi II) and Shinobi III are probably the most fun to play, as well as the Vectorman series. Comix Zone featured side-scrolling action through comic book style frames. As well as thought “bubbles” and headlines popping up through out the scenes. The game was kinda’ like a “choose your own adventure” novel. You could take multiple paths. At certain points you could choose to go through the “frame” of your choice. Interesting concept I must say.

Three of the most notable RPG’s to hit the Sega Genesis are included in this compilation. The Phantasy Star series (II, III, IV) are kind of dated, but still fun to play. The series was Sega’s answer to Nintendo’s Final Fantasy series for the NES. Although I enjoy Final Fantasy a little more, the Phantasy Star series was pretty involved and featured many hours of gameplay.

One of my favorite classic arcade games that can be unlocked, is Congo Bongo, which features an explorer chasing a gorilla through various stages. Kind of a cross between Donkey Kong, Q-Bert, and other games where you have to jump across streams, rivers, and other obstacles. The classic Asteroid-like shooter Astro Blaster is included. Which happens to resemble Activision’s Demon Attack…even down to the Star Trek Enterprise style ship, as well as the enemies look similar…hmm….

For the most part, the controls are fairly accurate when compared to the original set ups. And before you start each game, the control scheme is displayed during the Loading. Which is nice, because I seem to forget what button does what every time I play. It’s not like it used to be. I used to be able to pick up a controller, and remember what was what. My brain wants to revert back to the Sega Genesis set up. Back when there was just an A, B, and C button. Versus the numerous buttons on the Sony PSP.


Overall this is a strong compilation featuring some of Sega’s greatest hits from the Genesis era. But I would liked to see some other games featured on this compilation. I would have included games like, After Burner II, Streets of Rage (any 3 from the series), Shining Force (1 or 2), Moonwalker (yeah…Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker…it was a pretty fun game at the time), Space Harrier II, Sonic 3, maybe even Sonic & Knuckles. And how could you not included the off-beat, wacky, cult classic Toe Jam & Earl? And what about including a driving game into the mix. Super Hang-On? Outrun?

I would have never thought to include an obscure title like Decap Attack, but it is a nice addition to the compilation. But with other classics far bigger and notable, I would have chosen something else.

Sega did a great job though in the presentation of the games. Streamlined menus, great game translation, and extras. The extras range from current interviews with many of the same developers and programmers of the original games. You also have the opportunity to unlock a couple game trailers including one for the PlayStation 3 Virtua Fighter 5. Some other arcade games are available to unlocked, which date back long before the Sega Genesis was ever even thought of. A game cheats section is even unlocked for several of the games, which range from infinite lives to level skipping.

In the “museum” section, you can unlock box art as well. Sega included the Mega Drive box art for many of the games as well. Which is interesting to see the alternate artwork found on Foreign boxes. It would have been nice to see scans of the interior of the instruction manuals. Some instruction manual covers are included (Phantasy Star II), so it seems to me that it would have been possible to take scans of the manual. Just a minor complaint. No big deal.

All-in-all, this is an essential collection taken from one of the best consoles and developers to date.



Sega Genesis Collection

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)

Digital Eclipse/Sega


Action/Adventure/Puzzle/Role Playing/Multi-Genre

T for Teen
(Animated Blood/Violence)


© Copyright 2008 Chris_Billings

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