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Wastedmon is an idiot.
by excellentprod
It came to real light when he mentioned electiciy being present in the bed. Not true. Only to the pump. Another untruth...once the pressure is set it stays at that level unless you change it. Another untruth... ther remotes are made with as much quality as any other remote you have in your home. Comment. The bed is a completely differnt architechture than anything else, however being so differnt does not make it bad. I use one and know many other that use Select comfort and love them. His article is pure cinicle and idiotic. Forgive me wasted money for saying all this if you are in elementary school.
Feb 15, 2012
8:14 pm PST

Re: Best review I've ever read
by eq4all
A loyal customer of 20 years!
Feb 5, 2011
3:59 am PST

Questionable review
by eq4all
I/we have had a select comfort bed for 20 years and LOVE it. I had one issue at year 12. The support edge collapsed on my side. I called select comfort and they immediately sent me a new one, free of charge. I've tried many beds in my lifetime,(I'm 64), this is by far the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 5, 2011
3:53 am PST

The Guy is a moron
by tarkusnj
The guy who went on and on about the Sleep Number bed, from here on in refered to as MR MORON, seems to be a retailer of some other brand of bed. His comments were moronic, hence the nickname. I am a techno geek and finicky consumer to the extreme. I am 55yo and have more consumer buying skills than most. I repair anything you can think of and build things from cabinets and tables to wireless infrared gadgets and even designed and installed central AC in my house.
Now that you know a bit about my background, I will just say the Sleep Number beds are fine. I own two. One for my year round house and one for our beach house. They are expensive but I got a special deal on both of mine. My KING size was a display model that I got extremely cheap. Funny thing was the ONLY part of the bed that was used was the mattress bladder. The mattress cover, pump, or anything else was BRAND NEW. The second bed was a Queen size that I got on sale and negotiated down more.
The beds are as firm as you like, not extremely soft as MR MORON stated. What is nice about them is some nights you may want a very firm mattress to sleep on and other nights you may want it a bit softer. I have had back problems for 33 years and find this mattress feels just fine. Another convenience of these matresses is they are light and easy to lift while changing sheets. Oh, and about all the boxes MR MORON mentioned, I removed my stuff from the boxes and transported a KING SIZE Sleep Number bed home in my Honda Civic!
So please disregard any of MR MORON's comments. Thank you
Aug 30, 2009
6:36 am PDT

Wow, what a line of crap!
by chrisby
I am on my second Select Comfort bed, first one was a standard King and was 14 years old when we replaced it on Christmas this year. It was not shot but was starting to show wear, would have gone 20 I am sure. We had almost zero problems with it, I replace one air chamber which was under the pro-rated warranty about four years ago, process was painless and my cost was not bad. We replaced it with the Special Edition bed that seems to be a 4000 bed with 5000 controls and a foundation. I found the foundation to be easy to set up if you read the instructions (hint, hint) and the bed is amazingly comfortable. We had none of the problems described in this review with our old bed and the new one seems to be well constructed. We did not pay $150 for shipping, only $49 and we ordered at the Mall store. We paid $1377 complete with tax & shipping, not a bad price for a great nights sleep. You do not have to replace the pump if your remote goes bad, I have a friend who just replaced hers. I am out of time or I would keep going, but I would not listen to this reviewer, they must work for a mattress company!
Jan 11, 2009
7:21 pm PST

by skog63
I have had my sleep number 5000 eastern king for 3 1/2 years and have had absolutely no problems with it; no mold, no objectionable odors, nothing. Amazed at how some people have had such bad experiences. Not having to rotate a traditional mattress to avoid holes was enough of a selling point for me. I am a large guy and this bed is far superior to any inner spring mattress that I have ever had, all of which became lumpy and uneven in less the 2 years. This reviewer must have gotten a real lemon or something.
May 9, 2008
10:45 pm PDT

Thank You
by timesailor
Thanks for such a detailed review. My wife and I are considering this bed and you have given us much more to think about than the "pie in the sky" pitch of the ads and salespeople.
Apr 26, 2008
11:21 am PDT

Best review I've ever read
by yakapo
your review made me laugh so hard that I had to stop reading it to my girlfriend b/c my stomach hurt. Every time I tried to read a section to her, I lost it again...

We looked at the bed in the mall and liked it. Good thing we checked out the reviews.

Don't listen to the other a@@hats... you are a prolific writer and you saved me some pain.
Mar 3, 2008
1:17 pm PST

thanks for the insight on this MOLDY BED
by wastedmon
thanks for taking the time to write so much about this piece of JUNK bed that collects MOLD!!

I can't believe people still consider buying such a gimmicky bed- wasting thousands of dollars on 'luxury' models that have VERY LITTLE DIFFERENCE from the basic models... just unzip and see.


Why bother wasting money on a bed that may poison you while you sleep?



Nov 14, 2007
7:24 am PST

Re: Re: Pilot Error? Mechanical Failure!
by microfly
The beds come from Salt Lake Utah and are MADE TO ORDER. That means the beds are not sitting around collecting dust on them for weeks causing your allergies to bug you if you suffer from that. Always air out any type of foam on the market thats going to go in your bed. Air out for a few hours takes away any type of smell the packaging and foam give. Not a big deal cause I did this. The reason there is charge for the shippment of the bed is because its a componnet based bed that takes time to set up. Its not like bringing a box spring in one piece and a mattress in one piece and droping it off on your bed frame and then by. Two Select Comfort Employees bring 5 to 7 boxes to your house and spend about 40 minutes setting this bed up and removing your old bed. Well worth $150. Im glad I payed It. The only reason you go to some stores and get beds the same day Is because those beds have been sitting around in the back of most mattress stores for in most cases months. ( BEWARE OF DIRT & DUST BEING COLLECTED ON THOSE BEDS )I Love My Sleep Number Bed By Select Comfort. I own the 7000Pt model. BY from the Corparte Store most of the Time in the Malls. Those guys are knowledgeable & by no means Pushy. My beds one years old with no problems. By from the middle of the line up.

Nov 8, 2007
2:22 am PST

Should Of Bought From The Corparte Store
by microfly
Should of paid for home Delivery and not been so cheap Then you would of seen how Fast It really gets set up. Two guys 35 Minutes. 1,100-1,200 that is like buying the intruductory bed model at one of the many corparate stores. Now I know why you did not like It. Should of gone with the most poopular model in a king size since your a big person. Much more sufficent for people that are big and looking for pressure point relief. If you have the setting set very low and your a very big person sure Its going to be hard to get out of. Thats a gimmie. If thats the case while on the bed you should of firmed the bed up to a certain extent and that would help you get rt off the bed no PROBLEM. Man you picked the wrong bed for someone your size. If you would of gone into a Select Comfort Store you would know what I mean and you would of felt what I mean. Should of gone witha king 5000Pt model or the 7000Pt model for your size. The Not Pushy Sales guy would of Told You and Just Showed you the difference between each model without any bullcrap. Those guys are very knowledgeable. I know I have a Sleep number bed by Select Comfort and bought It from a Sales guy in the mall. O yea I checked out on line how much commision the sales guys there average with a bed and It not much. Its only 2.5% per bed. That probably explains why there not pushy but very knowledgeable with there product and willing to help you out. You lost out not going to the store. I have had mine now just over one year and extremely Happy. The SALES GUYS there are Well under paid. Most mattress places pay 5% to 8% per bed and the sales guys dont no a Damm thing and rush you into buying any bed on there Sales floor. Select Comfort Sales Reps. are a Plus for that Company. The Select Comfort beds at like sleep train, mattress discounters Qvc are not apples for apples. The only real thing that stays the same is the airchamber and controlls. I know cause I went out and looked and felt It before I bought and read reviews about the QVC ones ( BIG MISTAKE ) Buy at Corparate Store Level, Most of there stores are in the malls that have trained sales reps. to help you find the perfect bed for you without being pushy for a sale and are there to answer any question that you can think of. Any spring bed you buy If your big will break down in a matter of 2 to 6 years. Next time your in a mall stop at a Select Comfort Bed Store and try the 7000Pt model in a King and you will see what I mean. I guarentee you will like that model or there top of the line that cant break down cause Its all Air. You can only soften It up Like you desire and at any point firm It up. It wint break. Get back with me I know what Im talking about. Go to a Store. Just tell them to show you the 7000pt and the 9000pt bed models. They wont be pushy you will see. You will notice a big difference from your QVC model to the one in the store. Again I guarantee It. Love my 7000pt model.
Nov 8, 2007
1:55 am PST

by bluetopazz
Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed review. I read yours and others reviews. They made my decision easy not to purchase this product. Not willing to have all that hassle. The very best to you and yours.
Oct 30, 2007
11:21 pm PDT

WRITEEN?? hypocrite!
by wastedmon
I love it when someone who takes the time to write a comment assessing my GRAMMAR spells a word wrong! FOOL!

people have opinions. sometimes they differ.
Jul 27, 2007
7:31 am PDT

Not Helpful
by gordonfreeman0
A lot of the things you say if your review are very wrong. Select comfort has no policy limiting repair or replacement of parts to once only. Nor is it common for them to refuse to replace a mattress cover for having a broken zipper. Judging from your writing style you were probably incoherent or a jerk to them when you call customer service.
I say that because it was very hard to understand your review when every other WORD is writeen in capital letters, even though its not NECCESSARY or GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT. As such I doubt you're someone anybody should be taken all that SERIOUSLY.
Jul 22, 2007
3:18 pm PDT

by gotswind
Please take your flaming to another forum, this site is for users to rate BOTH sites of a product, and from reading the reviews, this bed has MANY FLAWS.
Apr 12, 2007
8:42 am PDT

by nuge2131
Thats the only explanation for a screwed up review like that.We love our sleep number and have never had any problems.I have never slept so good.Go see a shrink you got problems!!!!!
Apr 2, 2007
10:04 pm PDT

dont listen to this guy
by jedi_stephie
Everything this guy wrote is soo false I wont even get into it because I have no the time nor the patience to explain it all. If there are any problems with the bed you just call 1800-472-7185 and there are tons of friendly people waiting to assist you.
Mar 24, 2007
1:45 pm PDT

Bravo to you!!
by mismamac
Sorry I'm late on reading & rating your review. Talk about detail!! WOW...I don't think you forgot a single thing with this review. Ah yes, and welcome to Epinions too.

By the way, I'm totally 100% with you on this sorry piece of crap bed. Select Comfort should be ashamed to sell such a product.

It's funny though. People either love it or hate it. Now, here's the rough part, so many (not blaming everyone here) who love this bed will give you a bad rating just b/c you hate this bed so much. I'll give someone a "very helpful" on a well written review, even if I don't agree with them.

Read reviews on this piece of junk. You'll see some down right ugly comments!!

Anyway, I too have had the experience with the smelly air chambers!! I'll stand by you with that too!! I don't remember our first air chambers having such an odor. These 2nd chambers which replaced the MOLDY 1st chambers, have a terrible odor. And I've let them air out too. Nothing has helped!!

I'm so glad to see people expressing their opinion on this over-priced piece of junk. Hope they keep it up!! I also hope to see you writing more reviews too.

Again, great job!!
Feb 26, 2007
7:07 pm PST

by gotswind
ouch mateo- looks like all you can do is criticize the competition becuase you KNOW that the sleep number bed IS A TOTAL SCAM and GIMMICK!! In fact- if the bed is so great, why are there over 80% NEGATIVE REVIEWS of this bed on this site? And the fact that...





And I will agree I am a "loser" because I LOST A TON OF SLEEP on the sleep number bed!!!
Feb 24, 2007
8:03 am PST

Dont be influenced by this loser
by mateoguy
If this review makes you think twice about purchasing please do your homework. I do believe Select Comfort is the #1 selling bed 7 years running for a reason. And they don't even do half the marketing as #20 Tempurpedic. Try getting your money back when your Tempurpedic loses half of its viscosity in 2 years (proven) or makes you sweat when your sick and your body sweats. With select comfort you have complete control at your hands, Tempurpedic you sleep at its setting. And honestly you probably should have spent more then 1100$. All models work the same but a thick pillowtop on a Sleep number bed is heaven. And hell, whats $3000 when you have the bed for 20 years. Better then 1100 every 3-5 years. Trust me look up the return % for all the major companies. Sleep number slams the average.
Feb 21, 2007
6:52 pm PST

Re: Pilot Error? Mechanical Failure!
by gotswind
Ma child-I'm glad that your nasty foam/rubber smell went away OVER TIME, but I couldn't deal with the ACRID STENCH that bombarded me right out of the box. I guess the bed was just TOO uncomfortable to warrant giving it time to "AIR OUT".


You were smart to pay the 150$ for Home delivery, but look on your receipt- IT IS AN ADDED COST. If you choose to put it together yourself, it would have cost 150$ less. This is the literal definition of an ADDED COST. Notice that NO OTHER BED COMPANY charges extra for delivery, and it is usually available next day. Not select comfort.

Feb 6, 2007
6:17 am PST

Pilot Error?
by ma_child
Sorry, but my wife and I have experienced NONE of the problems you mention in your review. Select Comfort techs assembled the bed for us, and after checking the invoice, I see that delivery was included — no additions or hidden fees.

Our pump system has worked flawlessly, and we don't experience low spots or "holes" as others have claimed. Tried the TempurPedic. Hope you live in a relatively cold climate because when nights are hot, that mattress gets uncomfortable.

As for the "rubber smell," it goes away if the mattress is allowed to air out a bit. Sorry, can't relate; our Sleep Number bed has performed flawlessly.
Feb 5, 2007
11:14 am PST

by Don_Krider
Great first review, and I would add, "Welcome to Epinions!" Hope you have fun writing here.

Don :)
Feb 4, 2007
3:39 pm PST

Good to know
by customeright
I don't think I've read such an obviously emotional review with as much detail. Great information to back up your complaints. It looks like you were being kind to give 2 stars.
Feb 4, 2007
9:34 am PST