Sennheiser ew 135 G3 Handheld Wireless Professional Microphone Reviews
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Sennheiser ew 135 G3 Handheld Wireless Professional Microphone

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A Wireless Mic You Can Count On

Jan 23, 2013 (Updated Jan 24, 2013)
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Pros:Acurate vocal sound
Solid construction
Reliable wireless performance

Cons:Eats cheap batteries for lunch (3hrs)
Fat wall power adaptor

The Bottom Line: This is the wireless mic I always reccomend.  If you can't afford it keep using a wired mic and wait until you can.

I’ve been using Sennheiser wireless microphones for years; I recommend them to anyone looking for wireless mics and am always glad to see them show up when I’ve rented gear for a show.  The sound quality is always an accurate reproduction of the sound going into it.  It’s not colored like other mics. Bear in mind that these are dynamic, vocal microphones and designed to be used within 1-10 inches of the sound source.  If you get further than that the sound thins out.

The wireless reception quality is flawless.  Once you get them tuned into a clean RF channel they are locked in and don’t drop until you walk too far away, or turn on another mic on a frequency too close to it's own. 
Let’s go over each piece that comes in the package.

Wall wart– The power adaptor is light and reliable and comes with clips for US, British and European wall outlets.  Unfortunately for us in the US it’s not a great physical design in that it’s a big ol’ square cube that blocks off 1 or 2 other outlets on a power strip depending on how your strip is laid out.  The end that connects to the receiver plugs in solid and secure and will always stay in place if you use the strain relief that’s built into the receiver.

Lego bits– I’m not sure of the technical term, but Sennheiser includes 2 plastic framework pieces that screw onto either side of the receiver with built in feet on the bottom and holes on the top so that when you stack receivers one on top of another they stay securely in place.  These come in handy if you haven’t bought the OPTIONAL GA3 RACK EARS.  I make that big and bold because many wireless kits come with the ears so you may assume this does to. 

Whips– 2 telescoping, metal, whip antennae with BNC connectors come with it and work well.  I’ve got some working reliably with 100 feet of separation between the mic and the receiver.  It could go further, but I’m sure results will vary.

Clip– It’s a good solid mic clip made from durable rubber that you will need to keep track of because these mics don’t fit in a standard (SM58 sized) clip.

Mic– I’ll start at the top and work my way down. The capsule is an 835 and if you read about the sound of the e835 that will describe it well.  It’s a great vocal microphone with a relatively flat response.  It can be unscrewed easily and be upgraded or replaced.  The shaft is sturdy well balanced and feels solid due to the weight.  The batteries are 2 AA’s and accessed by unscrewing the shaft.  They built is so that you can squeeze the sides of the inner plastic to get the old batteries out quickly, which in ingenious and greatly appreciated in the middle of a show. The display shows a 3 bar battery meter that will go dead in about 4 hours of constant use with standard batteries and 6 with Duracell ProCells. It also shows transmission frequency, user inputted name, antenna connection and Audio input level (AF).  All of which can be adjusted within the menus on the mic itself.  Below that is a black plastic ring that can be replaced with optional colored ones to keep you mics straight.  This ring rotates to reveal a switch that gets you into the menu.  There is a small red power button which is great for shows where you don’t want people accidentally shutting the mic off because you have to hold it for 3 seconds to do that.  The down side is that if you want people to be able to easily turn the mic on and off you will have to train them.  The nubbin at the end is the antenna and if someone grips around that in a situation where you already have a weak signal, it will make it worse.

Receiver– The receiver is half rack size, so with the optional GA 2 rack-mount kit you can fit 2 side by side in a standard rack and occupy one total rack space.  The display shows the frequency, User inputted name, Radio signal level, Audio signal level, Mute status and Battery level of the mic.  I love that I know from sitting at the back looking at the receiver exactly how much battery life is left.  The button layout is simple and easy to use and if you’re having issues the manual is comprehensive and understandable.  While you can change most settings on both the mic and the receiver, if you make all your changes on the receiver first you can use the IR Sync function to avoid pushing all those buttons twice.  Adjustments like mic sensitivity, audio level output and squelch need to be set separately.  In most cases I can open the box, set the frequency I want and the name I want, then sync the mic and we’re ready for rock and roll.  This is because all the default settings on the unit tend to work well in most situations.  It’s a thing of beauty.

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