Sevylor Round Pool 60 Diameter SP60E Reviews

Sevylor Round Pool 60 Diameter SP60E

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Fun in the sun at a great price!

Jul 14, 2002 (Updated Jul 14, 2002)
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Pros:Padded bottom, transparent sides make supervision easier!

Cons:Water release plug clogs with grass. You need an air pump to inflate it.

The Bottom Line: Super high quality, LOVE the safety features, can't go wrong with this one!


* 60" in diameter.
* 22" in height.
* 72 gallon capacity, marked off with a white line on the inside of the pool. (However, I've found that it can hold far more.)
* Pool weight is 12 lbs.
* Includes Repair Kit.
* Deep with patented I-beams sturdy enough to support a seated adult.
* Comfy inflated bottom, which could prevent head injuries if someone were to slip.
* Water release plug on bottom.
* 2 air plugs - one for side walls, & one for bottom.
* See through side walls make supervising a swimming child easier.


* The water release plug on the bottom sometimes clogs up with grass if placed in the lawn.
* You really need an air pump to inflate the side walls! It would be far too difficult to blow up by mouth.
* Must purchase pump separately.
* Somewhat difficult to find in local stores. Skip toy stores & try the sporting good stores instead. Also available online.

One of my best friends is a Doula. She uses these as birthing pools for her clients to labor &/or deliver in. I've heard her brag so often about how wonderful & comfortable these pools are. As a result, I decided that I would very much like to get one. She sent one to me as a result of my interest.

I have to give my background with swimming pools in order for this review to hold any credibility. My daughter is 4 1/2 years old, & we've gone through 4 pools in the past 3 years. We started out with a cheap inflatable that I bought at the drugstore for around $6.00. It lasted one day, & met it's demise when our dog's toenails punctured it. I then purchased one of those hard sided pools that have a vinyl bottom. It was nice because it was large, but we were never totally satisfied with it. The walls had a tendency to collapse. It didn't survive the summer because our next door neighbor threw a tennis ball into the side of it while playing fetch with his dog, & it cracked. I then purchased another inflatable pool, but one that was of better quality than our first. It was actually quite nice, & lasted approximately 2 years, with 2 repairs. Last Summer I finally had to get rid of it because it developed a slow leak that I couldn't fix. My Dad purchased another hard sided pool for my daughter, but it didn't survive long either. The vinyl bottom separated from the hard side, & all of the water leaked out. In addition, the walls collapsed just like the other one we had.

My Sevylor arrived in the mail about a month ago, & it has been used almost daily ever since! My friend included an electric pump, & I must say that I'm thankful she did! Although it would be possible to inflate the padded bottom by mouth, I wouldn't recommend attempting to inflate the sides that way!

There are two air plugs - one on the bottom & one for the sides. The one on the side is nifty because it actually has a quick release mechanism that allows you to release air much faster than through the ordinary plug. All you have to do is unscrew a large outer ring that surrounds the ordinary plug, & the air comes rushing out! I've also found the larger opening terrific for inflating quicker with the electric pump (though I'm sure the manufacturer wouldn't recommend it). The air plug on the bottom of the pool is simply an ordinary plug.

When you inflate the bottom of the pool it develops a padded, almost quilted feel. The sides have patented I-beams that add support once fully inflated. An adult can actually sit on the sides of a fully inflated pool! I lean against it while sprawling out in the pool, & it is quite supportive.

I love this pool, & spend as much (if not more) time in it as my daughter! My next door neighbors make fun of me because I'm usually laying in it, with my eyes closed, sprawled out, drink in hand, relaxing in the sun, when they drive up from work. One of them said "Yep, I suppose it would be a bit like the beach if you close your eyes & use your imagination hard enough!"

This pool is probably one of the safest pools you could have as a parent. The sides are a transparent blue, & this allows you to see what your child is doing even when they aren't standing. In addition, my daughter frequently slips & falls while splashing around. The padded bottom makes the fall a bit safer - especially since I have the pool on our concrete patio! There is another feature of this pool intended for user safety. They have a white line on the side of the pool to mark off the water line. The manufacturer doesn't recommend filling above this line.

I really only have one problem with the Sevylor. When I first set it up, I placed it in our front yard. I decided the next day that I would like to move it's location. I pulled the water release plug, & 3 days later it was *STILL* full of water! The grass clogged the opening, & wouldn't allow it to drain properly. I had to empty it by hand. I simply challenged my daughter to a splashing contest. :o) We now have the pool sat on our concrete patio, & it drains well.

This pool is incredibly well constructed, & I think it will last many Summers. The seams are sturdy, the pool is very thick & well padded, & I find it hard to believe that this kind of quality can be had for such a small amount of money!

I must add that the pool is larger than you might imagine. Last weekend my daughter & I spent Sunday in the sun. I set up the pool, the sprinkler, & the Slip & Slide. The 11 year old boy from next door came over to play with the Slip & Slide, & eventually climbed into the pool with my daughter & I. His Mom came over to talk, & we were trying to talk her into climbing in too. She wouldn't get in, but there would've been enough room for her!

If you're considering getting a pool, you can't go wrong with this one!

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 60
Type of Toy: Sports
Age Range of Child: Whole Family

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