Sexy Magical Girl - Vol. 4: Magical Girl, Berserk

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Violent Cartoon Rape

Mar 11, 2007
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Pros:Well done animation with a good music score. There's mild humor included too.

Cons:Raping women is never cool and should not be supported. It makes violating girls "cool".

The Bottom Line: This movie supports making women sex objects. It is a horrible movie. If you get off on fantasies of rape, maybe something is wrong with you. Don't buy it!

Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie's plot.

The cartoon/anime movie about to reviewed is in NO WAY FOR MINORS. So if you're under 18 and want to grow up to be a normal person as you are capable of being, don't read this or even buy this movie. Onwards!

The movie Sexy Magical Girl #4 is all about this magical girl named Ai, who goes to a normal school in Japan and does normal things, but most of the movie is seen through the eyes of a boy named aikatoshi. Aikatoshi has these odd dreams of his female classmates being raped in the most violent of ways with tentacles that rip off the clothes of these girls with its tentacles. This monster weilding the tentacles then rams its tentacles into every orifices it can fit them into of these girls bodies, like the mouth, anus and especially with the vagina. Often the tentacles are SLAMMED in. It is very brutal and no one girl willingly submits to this, so every sexual scene in this movie is rape. Not cool, you could say. These dreams then involve Ai coming to the rescue and destroying the monsters plans to do... what was it? Oh yeah we never find out why it is doing this. Anyway Aikatoshi becomes obsessed with these dreams and Ai. Aikatoshi decides to follow her around and find out what is going on but he always losses her trail. Then the dreams become real and this happens to a lot of young (possibly underage) girls. The city starts to freak out but every time the monster is seen, Ai shows up in a scantily clad magic outfit and does battle with the monster, sometimes being violated herself. She always escapes and the girls are saved after mild traumatizing acts of rape are conducted on them. Oh joy. The movie continues like this for some time until Ai can finally destroy this monster and Aikatoshi becomes friends with her and woo hoo they date! One thing I forgot to mention is that this monster, when raping women, sort of absorbs them, making the bodies of the women part of it. Kind of gruesome. Not really a movie you'd want to watch with others around, lest they judge you, right?

Anyway the cartoon is for an anime movie done very well. It is dubbed over so when they characters speak, it is in Japanese and you must read the text in the bottom half of the movie to understand the plot. The music goes along, being that if I was to hear the music with out the movie, I could tell it is a song about something horrible going on and that it generally provokes a feeling of terror and action. The whole shabang has been well drawn and there is no sloppy drawing at all. The characters of the movie move, rather than having some guy draw one picture and then movie it around on a screen to give it the appearance of moving. The movement in the movie is fluid, so it never looks cheesy. Over all the movie was put together very well I'd say.

I did not like the move Sexy Magic Girl because I felt disgusting for watching it. It is the kind of movie you know you're social life is going to end if you get caught watching it. Plus it is a very wrong movie. People should not be aroused by scenes of young women being penetrated unwillingly my a monster who seeks to absorb them for some unexplained evil plot, only to be saved by some other young woman with bigger breasts than normal in a very revealing suite. It just conveys an idea of erotic passion that is... unpassionate! You really don't want to support a company that makes money off of peoples fantasies of raping school girls, do you? That'd make you sick! Twisted! And maybe you live with your mother (I know, I know, she lives with you, not the other way around)! Just don't buy this movie. For all it is worth, why don't you just get a nice movie that values the love between two people? That'd be nice for a change, wouldn't it?

Recommend this product? No

Viewing Format: DVD
Video Occasion: None of the Above
Suitability For Children: Not suitable for Children of any age

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