Sharp misses with this one!

Apr 19, 2009
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Pros:Price only since many others offer the same features.

Cons:Display viewability and user interface.

The Bottom Line: Do not buy this one. Opt for one with a good display and proper key layouts, even if it costs $10 more.

I bought this unit to replace an older Sharp oven that had served us well for a number of years. My only minor complaint with the previous model was that the display was a little hard to read unless you positioned yourself at just the right angle for the back lighted LCD display. I bought this one assuming this display problem would have been solved long ago.

That assumption was wrong... very wrong. The new one had the same style back lighted LCD display with LEDs providing the back light. The display was just very very bright, looking more like a green blob from most angles, and from the normal use angle with the unit on a counter top the digits were barely discernable from the green background. This is particularly odd since this _is_ a counter top oven.

Additionally, the rest of the control panel that was not back lighted used a thinnish stylized font of a grayish color that did not provide good contrast with the black background. While it looked fine in a brightly lighted store, it was a lot less so in a normal lighted kitchen.

Finally, the arrangement of the number-keys was laid out in an odd fashion, using two rows of 5 digits each rather than the more traditional method of a 3 x 3 grid with the zero beneath the 8 key. This was a form-over-function design which was apparently done to allow space for a useless "Let's Cook" label above the digits keypad.

If you are in the market for a new microwave oven, I would suggest you look for one with a display of the gas dischard type rather than the back lighted LCD variety. You can generally see the difference even on a display that is not powered on. The LCD ones will look smooth and blank, but you will be able to see traces of lines and segments of the characters when looking at the gas discharge type.

I returned this unit for a refund two days after the original purchase.

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