Sharp R-1405 / R-1406 950 Watts Microwave Oven Reviews

Sharp R-1405 / R-1406 950 Watts Microwave Oven

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Sharp Microwave Oven R-1405 950 Watts~Microwave that Works Great at a Low Price

Dec 12, 2006 (Updated Dec 12, 2006)
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Pros:attractive, largest turntable in its class, exhaust fan, light, easy to read and use

Cons:none that I can think of

The Bottom Line: The Sharp Microwave Oven R-1405 is easy to use and a cinch to clean. You can cook, reheat or defrost at the touch of a button. Simplicity.

I am not sure what year it happened but it was somewhere in my late teens that my mother stopped doing a lot of cooking. I took over as the cook in her house when I lived with her because I loved it so much.

Since that time the microwave oven has become my mom's cooking tool for many of her quick vegetarian meals. So when my mother decided to re-do her kitchen yet again, she asked me to go shopping with her for all the new appliances. It was this way that we came upon the Sharp Microwave Oven R-1405 (950 Watts). Now that she has had it for months and I have used it quite a bit, I feel I can adequately review this item.

I house sit for my mother nearly every month when she goes away from a weekend or week with her boyfriend. She usually picks some food up that she knows I will eat as well as leave some cash. Funny thing about what she buys is that they are always microwaveable meals, such as Digiorno Microwaveable Pizza.

The model that my mother bought comes in Black and the color white model is R-1406. This microwave is an over the range like my mother's Jenn-Air Electric Kitchen Range. It allows you to be able to save counterspace which in many kitchens is priceless.

~Specifications from Sharp~

** Capacity in cubic feet = 1.4
** Wattage = 950 Watts
** Outside Dimensions = 29 15/16" w x 16 1/4" h x 15 9/16" d
** 13 Automatic Setting for Reheating, Cooking, and Defrosting
** Turntable Diameter 14 1/8"
** Defrost Options 4 Foods
** Display Type 5 Digit, 2 Color Lighted
** Oven Interior Painted acrylic with light
** Net Weight 55 lbs.
** Shipping Weight 63 lbs.
** AC Line Voltage 120V, Single Phase, 60 Hz, AC Only
** AC Power Required 1.64 kW, 14 Amps
** Safety Compliance FCC, DHHS, UL Listed

~Special Features~

** Venting ~ The venting that is used with the Sharp Microwave Oven R-1405 (950 Watts) comes in at three different options: horizonal, vertical or recirculating

** Defrosting ~ By choosing from the following: Ground Meat, Steaks / Chops, Boneless Poultry and Bone in Poultry you are able to defrost by weight with a touch of a button. Although my mother doesn't eat meat, she feeds fresh meat to her dogs quite often. Being able to defrost this way has made things much easier rather than have to keep guessing on how long you should keep the meat in the microwave.

** Variable Power Levels ~ There are 10 variable power levels that you may choose from to cook your food with. It can allow you to make the choice of how strong you would like the microwave to work with the food you are working with.

** Light ~ There is a simple "Light" button that you press to turn on the overhead light for the range you are using. It makes it much easier to cook after dark without having to turn all your kitchen lights on, saving you electricity.

** Exhaust Fan ~ I would rather not admit it but I have from time to time burned something on the stove or in the oven. The "Fan" button allows me to clear the air in the kitchen without having to open up windows in the wintertime.

** Easy Touch Controls ~ The buttons that are used on this microwave are absolutely perfect for large or small fingers. It takes both into consideration. You have access to everything for the microwave at the touch of your buttons with a digital display and clearly recognizeable numbers and words.

** Chart ~ I love the chart that Sharp has on the microwave off to the left of the one touch buttons.

For reheating there are the choices of: Dinner Plate, Beverage, Rolls and Muffins, and Soup.

When you want to cook you choose from: Baked Potatoes, Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Entrees.

Finally for Defrost you may choose the four meat choices I mentioned above.

By choosing the navigation of Reheat for example and punching in #1 for a plate, you automatically get 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

The same happens when you use the all important seperate button called "popcorn." Everyone wants to have popcorn without burning it and this microwave has never burned it.

** Font and Numbers ~ It is very easy to read this microwave. I have poor eyesight from afar and upfront. I don't have to take the time to put on my glasses or my contacts to use the Sharp Microwave Oven R-1405 (950 Watts).

** Adding Time ~ You are able to put an additional minute onto the microwave if you see that you need more time. You just add the minute and continue preparing your meal.

** Timer / Clock ~ I use the timer most often when cooking pizza in the oven. It works very well and has never frozen or stopped on me. The clock is convenient to have to be able to look up and check the real time. I am glad that this microwave has these features because there are actually microwaves out there that do not.

** Six Servings ~ You can heat or cook up to 6 servings of food for a family. The Turntable Diameter 14 1/8" allows a maximum capacity of food which is the largest in its class. When my mother has guests over and I cook for her, I find it especially helpful to be able to place large amounts of dishes in this microwave. the one I have above my range at home is much smaller. When you need to heat up some mashed potatoes for a group, the Sharp Microwave Oven R-1405 (950 Watts) is the way to go.

~My Experience~

I have been very pleased with the Sharp Microwave Oven R-1405 (950 Watts) that my mother bought. It was under $200.00 which I felt was a very good deal compared to other microwaves in the same class at higher prices.

The glass turntable plate that everything goes on is thick and strong. There isn't a chip or crack in it at all. The rotator stand that the plate lies on top of is simply made of plastic and it isn't very strong. When I clean the microwave I make sure to handle that part with care.

I am not sure if it is because it was painted white acrylic on the inside or not, but the cleaning of the Sharp Microwave Oven R-1405 (950 Watts) is very easy. I have been able to wipe it down without having to use any harsh chemical formulas such as "Easy Off." It wipes down nicely with a sponge and the plate is also easy to clean. The plate does not fit in the dishwasher though and needs to be done by hand.

The look of this modern microwave has really nice appeal to it. It isn't too fancy that you couldn't understand how to use it but it also has a fresh attractiveness to it. I am glad that my mother chose the black model which matches her kitchen appliances nicely.

The rather large open and close button is great. It is almost 4" long and about 2" in height. It allows you to open and close the microwave with an easy push for small or large hands. It also doesn't shake the house when you close the door. I can still prepare a meal with the Sharp Microwave Oven R-1405 (950 Watts) while my mother is taking a nap without waking her up and it isn't because she has a large house.

Microwaves are supposed to be convenient and this one is. I have found that the control are easy to touch and I have never had to push my finger more than once to access any of the numbers or other buttons. It starts and stops quite easily.

The light inside the microwave is great and allows me to see what I have in there clearly as well as watch it while it cooks or defrosts.

I know that the Sharp Microwave Oven R-1405 (950 Watts) does make my life and my mom's easier. I have prepared food, defrosted food and re-heated food without any problems of burning, over cooking or cold in the center but hot on the outside. This microwave relieves you of a lot of worry and effort.

I highly recommend it. For the price you receive a lot in return and it is very attractive to have in your home.


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