Best microwave at Costco under $80 - big (enough) and powerful (enough)

Dec 19, 2006
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Pros:All the features you'd want w/power and price. Looks normal (not space-aged) Cleans easily

Cons:Well, I guess it'd be nice if it was cheaper, but the price is good.

The Bottom Line: The Sharp R-306LB has more size/power than I expected from a midsized microwave and more features than you'll ever use. The in-laws bought one they liked it so much!

This microwave does just what it says and does it well. It's smack in the middle of the current microwave offerings in terms of:
(1) power - 1100 watts is plenty for nearly all purposes. It's more power than your old microwave probably and it's enough to do just about anything quickly.
(2) size - it's a mid-size at 1.0 cubic feed, but unless you're seriously considering cooking a large turkey with a microwave this is all you'll ever need (cook that turkey or your large frozen pizza in the oven, must tastier that way, come on!).
(3) Features: honestly, there's nothing that stands out in terms of the extra settings and features offered here, but there's also nothing left out. All the standards are there plus a few "quick" features that most folks are blissfully unaware of or simply never/very rarely use. If there's some "I can't live without it" feature that you have in mind then you probably will have to get specific the microwave that offers it but this bad-boy has everything the above average microwaver will ever need or want (seriously, do you need a toaster in your microwave? Come on.)

The turntable is recessed which I find makes things get less messy less often. It's easy to clean (good surface for cleaning, some can be pretty hard to remove food goo from, but this one is fine). It's not too large though it has a regular "mid-sized" microwave footprint on your counter (haven't seen any that were seriously smaller footprint relative to the internal size).

The buttons don't take long to understand, it's pretty standard ... we never opened the instruction manual and still figured out nearly ever setting we could imagine using.

Had it for a few months and there are not new noises or any suggestion that it will be slowing down for a long time to come.

Just feeling good about the purchase and thought you folks would want some feedback about your Sharp R-306LW (the W is for white, if it ends in B then it's black).

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