Heavy lyrical themes but some lightweight music

Dec 12, 2011
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Pros:Never Again, Money Bought & How You Remind Me

Cons:Just For, Hangnail and a general sense of gloom

The Bottom Line: While there are a couple of great songs here, the album overall is a bit leaden.

From the very first chord Never Again is a blatantly angry song. And rightly so. It tackles the issue of violence in the home head-on. Good angry power chords, a great riff and cutting lyrics. I just love the line that says, “Haven’t you heard, don’t hit a lady, Kickin’ your a*s would be a pleasure”.

Frustration seems to be the theme of How You Remind Me. It’s another good rocker with a good memorable riff but this time the story is about a man who’s lost his direction and his love. He sounds like he’s tried all the usual mind-numbing tricks, but just can’t get away from his sense of despair.

The rather grim outlook depicted in track two is continued in Woke Up This Morning where the subject finds he has woken up to a day when he felt defeated from the beginning. The song is pretty unspectacular.

There are some beautiful guitar notes bouncing around in the background during the quieter passages of Too Bad. Once again the lyrical theme is about painful memories.

Just For
is a song of either revenge or jealousy. It’s hard to tell whether the venom is justified or simply anger due to the fact ‘the other guy’ got the girl. Musically there is not a lot going on here. It is a pretty unimaginative tune with nothing to distinguish it favourably from so many others.  

Heavy rock chords dominate Hollywood, a song that seems to be about a rather confused/stoned and somewhat murky experience. A different beat to Nickelback’s usual standard rock makes this song more interesting than the previous one.

Some musical themes and riffs that re-appeared on Themes are introduced on Money Bought which is one of the best songs on this disc. It has a great hook not a million miles from that of Never Again and some good guitar licks to embellish the piece.  

Where Do I Hide
starts out a bit like an early Black Sabbath song. I love the retro guitar solo after the first verse. This is classic hard rock of the best kind.

The way Hangnail begins it almost sounds like a continuation of the previous track. It is an odd song with definite musical links to How You Remind Me. It has some rather incongruous slow passages that seem ‘tacked on’ rather than a natural development of the musical train of thought. While it has enjoyable parts, it’s a bit messy.

Good Times Gone
begins with some rather nice sounding slide guitar (played by Ian Thornley). Once again themes from this song have re-appeared later in the band’s career. Lyrically this song has a lot in common with Photograph and musically it has ties to RockStar both from the All The Right Reasons album

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