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Compare What Is On the Inside of Each Mattress Before You Buy

Sep 26, 2004
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Pros:Plush, cradling effect, no motion from others moving around.

Cons:Impossible to move with one person, lack of handles, addictive

The Bottom Line: Buy based on your in person research and try to do apples to apples comparisons by requesting breakdowns on what is inside. Compare dimensions of each layer within.

Mattress comfort is very subjective and very personal, what one person loves another will hate. I have had this bed for 15 months and I love it. I almost didn't buy it because of the bad reviews on Epinions, but every time I tried mattresses in various stores, this one felt the best to me. So I threw caution to the wind and got it. I figured if I didn't like it, and ran into warranty problems I would move it to the guest bedroom (which also needs a new mattress) and buy something else later.

Well 15 months later I still love it. Yes it does leave a slight body impression, but nothing near what I have read in some of the other posts. I would say mine is less than 1 inch. Also I like the impression, it sort of cradles me. However just to see if I can get out, I can by sleeping slight on the side of it. I tried this one night and noticed the impression of where I normally sleep was gone the next day.

One thing that I noticed, while shopping for a Simmons Beautyrest World Class Exceptionale mattress that consumers should be aware of, is that every store has a different "flavor" of it. For instance some had a top of the line with 3" of Visco Foam; other's top of the line versions had 2" or 4". They each ran about the same price, so you might think they all are the same, but they are not.

You may think you are buying the same Simmons you tested out at another store but for a cheaper price at a different store, but that might not be the case. Even though they both have the same outside look, and same Motion Separation Index (MSI), the internals might be slightly different. This might be why we see a difference in how people feel about the mattress on Epinions.

To get a better idea of what you are buying (and to do apples to apples price comparisons) you have to ask for dimensions of each layer. I found some stores wore more than happy to provide this, others were not. Needless to say, I narrowed my choice by only dealing with the stores that did. If I still had all of my dimensions I would post them here, unfortunately it has been more than a year and I have thrown away my notes.

Another thing I discovered by talking to various sales people is that Simmons makes particular versions exclusive to different stores, so for example one store’s version maybe exclusive to that store’s chain in a particular geographical region only. So they may have a covering that is exclusive, a density of foam, or extra type of foam etc. One sales guy was even nice enough to let me call his Simmons distributor so I could find out what was the difference between the “model” they sold and the model sold by another store that would not give me much information. This distributor manufactured for both stores and could quickly highlight the specs (I remember it was the addition of an egg crate type foam, but I can remember the technical name). Because this store was so helpful, I purchased there; also they had a better warranty program that went beyond what Simmons provided.

I wish the mattress industry would regulate the various types and give standard names for each build of mattress so it would be easier for consumers to compare what they are getting, but since they don’t be prepared to do some leg work on your own. After all, you will probably have the mattress for 20 years, so it is worth the time it takes to investigate up front.

As a comparison on comfort, in my old bed (A Sealy Posterpedic) I noticed that I had started to wake up with a stiff back and knees (it was about 15 years old and this started in year 13), however that stopped one week after sleeping in this bed. Also, I like a firm, but plush feel. In other words, I want to “sink in” but feel supported once I’m in. Sort like you feel on a real comfy sofa with thick down feather seat cushions, but strong 8 way hand tied springs underneath. Finally, I’m a fetal position sleeper, so this also might be why the bed works for me.

I have three complaints about the bed:
1) It has spoiled me; whenever I stay in a hotel or with family, I can't sleep for the first couple of nights because I am so used to my bed, also, I usually get a back ache if I sleep in any bed other than this one.

2) My cat now gets away with sleeping on my bed. In my old bed I could feel when he jumped on in the middle of the night, would wake up and make him get out and into his own bed. Now he jumps on and I can't feel it, I wake up the next morning and find him sleeping next to me. So it’s safe to say he is happy I purchase this bed!

3) Impossible to move. Make sure you like the position of the bed when the store sets it up for you and love the dust ruffle you decide to use. There are NO handles on the sides and the bed is very heavy. I do not know how many pounds, but I can’t lift it at all and can normally move around a 110 pound TV with no problems, so I’m guessing it weighs more than that. So if you are single and like to change dust ruffles often, this is not the bed for you.

The height of the bed might be bothersome to some, but I love high off the ground beds, and have a bed frame that is also pretty high up, so I use a step stool to get in. I usually buy 400 thread count sheets, and have not had a problem with them fitting the 18 inch mattress. I rarely sit on the edge of my bed to dress, I have an ottoman in my bedroom for that, but I know some prefer to dress while sitting on the side of the bed, so you may want to consider the low profile box spring option. I do not know if this option also contributes to some the bed dissatisfaction or not. I have the regular height box spring.

I hope consumers realize that whether or not a mattress is good is very subjective to each individual. This is why the Sleep Number bed has become so popular; a couple can adjust it to suit their individual preferences. If you think you will not like the cradling effect of a foam top, than I suggest you look for something without one, or if you have serious back problems look at the Simmons Back Care line. The Simmons Beautyrest World Class Exceptionale line geared towards plushness (even the firmest ones which I have), and motion separation.

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