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Only a bowling ball would love this bed.

Jun 4, 2001 (Updated Nov 13, 2001)
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Pros:We're not sleeping on the floor; Simmons USED TO provide customer service- be persistent- BEWARE!

Cons:Mattress Land- stay away from them; funny how they fall under "Cons" :)

The Bottom Line: MattressLand doesn't stand by their products. We got a lemon- but Simmons owned up to the problem and dealt fairly with us. Unfortunately though, it seems their policy has changed.

This is the bed that uses a bowling ball and bowling pins to demonstrate how wonderful it is.
Maybe... if you're a bowling ball.
We aren't, and we do not like this bed in the least.
We bought this bed at Mattress Land 2 1/2 years ago after being told it was a plush/firm mattress. I have back problems and prefer a firm mattress; he likes a softer mattress. So, this seemed a good compromise.
Within one week, we could see indentations on either side of the bed. The store's explanation: the pillow-top was settling, it would even out over time- "give it another week or two."
Two weeks later, the indentations were bigger and deeper.
The store said, "Oh, we're sorry, it's past the two-week comfort guarantee period, so we can't exchange it for you."
They wouldn't admit they blew us off on the same complaint within their guarantee period.
But, they did send someone out to look at the mattress. He first claimed to not see the indentations. After we insisted, he measured, claiming it was nothing more than normal mattress wear.
I pointed out that the 20-year-old cheap mattress we had prior still looked better. He had no comment, but shrugged his shoulders.
Anyway, they then said they still couldn't do anything, if we had any further complaints that we had to contact the manufacturer.
We did. Surprise: who did they say we should contact? Bingo: the store!
So, round-and-round we go.
At this point, the indentations are even bigger and deeper and don't go away no matter how you turn the mattress, the sidewalls both lean to one side, and there no "do-not-disturb" ANYTHING about this mattress. It disturbs me regularly.
We hate it!!
Incredibly, this awful mattress carries a 10-year non-prorated (and apparently, non-honored) warranty... Simmons has 7 1/2 years left of me disturbing them in return!

** UPDATE: (June 28, 2001)**
After writing this opinion, I once again contacted Simmons by e-mail; I got back the standard 'thanks for your e-mail, we'll get back to you.' Almost two weeks went by, so I replied to their reply with an 'I'm still waiting...' and lo-and-behold, I received a phone call yesterday!! The phone rep was apologetic, verified all my contact info from the e-mail, and said a field rep would contact us within 10 days to arrange an appointment to come inspect the mattress, box springs, and frame and help us out with this problem... PROGRESS!!

** UPDATE: (July 29, 2001)**
The field rep contacted us within the 10 days as promised. He told us when he would be in our area and asked us which day and what time would be most convenient for us. He said he would call us again the day before to make sure it was still okay. He called and, the next day, showed up not only on time, but a little early. He was extremely professional, explained he worked for a independent inspection company which only contracted with Simmons Company; his job was to obtain measurements and other information that Simmons needed to determine if, in fact, our mattress set was defective. He politely refused to offer anything in the way of an opinion; said it was not his place. He promised to send the information he gathered ASAP to his company, who would then forward it to Simmons. He said we should expect to hear again from Simmons in 2 to 3 weeks. That was 9 days ago.
Yesterday, we got a letter from the Simmons Company. I was almost afraid to open it, half-expecting bad news since it showed up so quickly.
I must say that Simmons sent a very professional letter telling us that they did determine in reviewing our claim, that our mattress set was defective. They offered us another set which they categorize as "equivalent or upgraded" in the current product line. The new set is in their newer, no-flip/no-rotate mattress line. The new set will be provided at no cost to us, will be delivered and set up at our home, and our old set removed at that time. Our new set will carry the balance of our original warranty which is 7 1/2 years, non-prorated. They must have put a special order (?) for us. They said when our product is ready, their carrier will contact us to arrange a delivery time. ...YEA!!
It's what I wanted all along- fairness.
What more could we ask for??
We are definitely impressed once again with the Simmons Company; and at this point would not hesitate to purchase another mattress set with their label.
But our next set still won't be from Mattress Land. Mattress Land remains the reason we had to put up with this situation for so long!!

(I'll be back with an update on the delivery process and let you all know what we think of the new mattress set...)

** UPDATE: (August 19, 2001)**
On August 16 we were contacted by a local freight service that they had a delivery for us from the Simmons Company. Bring it on over!
My husband accepted the delivery; the delivery guy brought the mattresses to the door. And that was it.
My husband questioned him about the removal of the old set and the set up of this new set. The response was that there was not any order for a pick up and that his job is simply 'delivery.' Like UPS, but bigger stuff. Plus, his company's policy prevents him from entering any house.
The delivery guy also added that he wished Simmons would stop promising set up and removal to their customers because it hasn't been the case yet (there's never been a pick up order and he isn't permitted to enter, much less set up) when he's gone out to deliver. (sounds kinda like he does this often...)
Needless to say, my husband was just thrilled by the prospect: just getting off a week of 12 hour shifts with no one at home to help, he now gets to dismantle the old bed, drag old mattresses around, then unbox the new set and drag them across the house to reassemble our bed.
Of course, it's close to 5pm pacific time, so there is no one to call at Simmons who is on the east coast where it is nearing 8pm.
And, at that point, we are left with box springs in the garage (which means one car in the driveway) and a king size wobbly mattress on end in the hallway.
I tried to call Simmons at noon on Friday (3pm their time), but they close at 230pm on Fridays! AUGH!!
...Better luck Monday.
So, the old mattress set remains with us for the weekend.
Our dilemma: Do we dump them? or, does Simmons want them back? (my opinion: they ought to take them back and disect them to find out what it is they keep doing wrong.)
So far, two nights on the new bed: It has quite a bit of fluff on top, but the fluffiness is lost to an extremely firm mattress. Much firmer than the old set. I do like it better than the old broken-down set we are 'trying to get rid of' but I'm not sure by how much- most anything would have been better. Firm is good, but this set has very little spring to it- just basically stiff. It's strange. It'll take getting used to.
One improvement: we aren't restricted to sleeping in the ravines that had developed in the other bed. We now have one level surface we can sleep anywhere on!
But, right off, while this set is supposed to be a Beautyrest Do-Not-Disturb mattress set, it's definitely no bowling ball bed- the slightest movement jars the whole bed. Every last bowling pin would fall down if Simmons tried to do their demonstration on our new bed. It's not to the point of feeling like you're being launched out of the bed like the old set, but you do feel any movement the other person makes just like with any traditional mattress set out there.
FYI: If you decide to try out one of these beds, be aware that someone in Simmons' Legal Department decided to put a very specific disclaimer on the new Product Care and Warranty Instructions that come attached to the mattress. The old one only said that body impressions were normal and not a defect. This one states: "Impression(s) of 1 1/2" or less on the mattress in all sleeping ares are not considered a manufacturing defect."
Had the standards in this disclaimer been on our first warranty, I seriously doubt that our old bed would have been replaced.
How could any impression in the mattress possibly get worse than 1 1/2"?!? (that's deep!! the bowling ball would still have to be there when they measured!!!)
Hmmm... It sounds a lot like they just got out of any future warranty claims.
Quite simply: their new disclaimer is plain, old Bad Faith.

** UPDATE: (November 13, 2001)**
Well, it looks like this new No-Flip is working out so far. It wouldn't have been our first choice if we had been allowed to choose the replacement, but it has proven to be much more comfortable than our old broken-down pile of springs. It still has the strange "dense/no bounce" quality to it which we have gotten used to. And, I do have to admit that I don't ever wake up with a sore back or stiff neck anymore. That definitely counts for something!

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