Simply Wild Venison & Apple Dog Treats (1.1 lb) (PHS) Reviews
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Simply Wild Venison & Apple Dog Treats (1.1 lb) (PHS)

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Simply Wild Venison & Apple Dog Treats

Jun 20, 2011
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Pros:Great ingredients, no BHA, all natural

Cons:Too hard for my dogs teeth

The Bottom Line: A quality dog treat, but just a bit too crunchy for my dog to enjoy.

I prefer to eat whole foods, the more natural and organic the better. When I can afford to buy the same high quality foods and snacks for my dog, I do.

Simply Wild is a brand of pet foods that I had never heard of until recently, but after my dog loved the Simply Wild Chicken and Brown Rice Adult Dog Food, I started looking at other products made by Green Pet Organics.

Simply Wild Venison and Apple Dog Treats are a high quality treat that contain no wheat, corn, soy, or anything artificial. They come in a 1.1 pound brown paper bag, and are square shaped treats that remind me of a crispy biscuit.

The ingredients in these are pure, they contain only ground barley, ground brown rice, venison, apples, peas, carrots, oats, brewer's yeast, garlic, parsley, and rosemary. There are no potentially harmful BHA preservatives. In fact, it doesn't look like there are any preservatives. If your dog eats treats once or twice a day, these wouldn't have a chance to get rancid, (which was my initial concern with a treat that didn't contain even natural preservatives).

The back of the bag reads "Using real whole foods like farm fresh vegetables, nutrient-rich fruits, human grade meats, wild game and omega-rich wild trout, Simply Wild maintains a strict philosophy that less is more, simple is better".

Our dog is a very fussy eater, although she is less fussy about her treats than she is her dog food. She absolutely loves carrots and apples, so these were an easy choice when looking at all of the Simply Wild Treats. They are also available in Grilled Bison and Maple Glazed Bacon, Lamb & Trout, and Peanut Butter flavors.

I buy my Simply Wild foods from an online retailer that offers discount pricing, and I even received free shipping on my last order. The bag was on sale for $8.99 but was supposed to retail for over $13.00. $9 is a price I'll pay for a quality, natural dog treat, $13 is not.

As much as I like the ingredients in these treats, there are a bit too thick and hard for my 12 year old dog. They are very crunchy and would probably do an excellent job of cleaning her teeth, if she could chew them. She doesn't have the best teeth, a normal problem for Silky Terriers (according to my veterinarian), and her age adds to the problem.  Of course I could break them into smaller pieces with my hands, but even that is difficult to do and it becomes a hassle.  I often give my dog a treat as I am leaving for the day, and I don't have time to mess with that.

I really don't know how to rate these treats. They are a high quality treat, they smell good, and they don't contain any questionable ingredients. Unfortunately, they are too hard for my dog to eat. I don't want to down rate this product simply because my dog has unhealthy teeth. Of course this is a problem with ordering products online, you can't see them. In all fairness to the company (Green Pet Organics), the bag does state that they are crunchy.

My dog didn't turn her nose up at them, they were just too hard for her teeth. I'd still rate these 4 out of 5 stars.

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