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Slazenger Money Golf Ball

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Gimmee Money

Feb 24, 2009 (Updated Feb 24, 2009)
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Pros:Long, Soft , Straight, Not Mushy---CHEAP!

Cons:Out of production

The Bottom Line: When you consider that this was one of "The 2-Piece Balls" to own in the not so distant past, the current pricing is astounding.

The recession before this one pretty much rang the death knell for the old Slazenger Golf Copany. They were struggling to regain market share against the likes of The Noodle, Nike Super Soft, and other balls chanting "The Long and Soft Mantra."  Slazenger designed this little gem to go head to head with the "Long and Soft" crowd, and it was, quite possibly, their most commercially succesful ball of all time. Sadly, it was not enough to save an over extended company from the onslaught of a recession, and a warehouse full of second tier golf clubs and golf balls.

Still, in it's own right, this little ball held it's own against all the highly marketed balls from the big boys, and is to this day, a viable option for anyone who likes them long and soft, but not mushy. Off my driver this little 2-piece 360 dimple count wonder ball flies long and straight. It's soft but not mushy due to the juxtaposition of a firmer Surlyn cover over a Marshmallowy 70 compression core. If you don't work the ball with the war club, your driver will like it for it's mid height trajectory and straight line capabilities.

My metals, and hybrids liked the mid height trajectory w/out any danger of balloon shots. My mid-irons liked the "Click" off the face w/out the shock of a hard ball. They also liked the distance and straight lines it held. They did not care much for its lack of greenside spin from long distance, though it does stop better than most of the 2-piece category. Greenside was a bit of a disappointment to my wedges and short irons as well, though my Lob Wedge could spin her to a quick stop. Still, the straight lines made approach shots to the middle of the green a lay up.

My flatstick liked the "Muted Click" of the ball at impact, but it did have a slightly lively pop coming off the club face. Still it holds a good line and putts fairly well.  Overall, this ball rates a 5 star best buy when one considers what they are getting for the money spent. I really don't know of any other ball of this quality in this low of a price range.

(This is a Lean and Mean entry.)

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