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My Soulmate Shampoo!

Feb 26, 2008 (Updated Feb 26, 2008)
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Pros:Gentle cleansing (normal to dry hair), moisturizing ingredients, not too heavy, pleasant scent

Cons:none really... maybe price? but really not that bad and worth every penny!

The Bottom Line: This is a great shampoo for anyone with normal to dry hair. It has gentle cleansing ingredients, added moisturizers, and a pleasant scent. Leaves hair soft and shiny!

This was the first "salon" shampoo I tried, although I did buy it at Walgreens (for only a dollar or two less than at the salon, but the quality is not guaranteed). I was growing my hair out to donate as much as possible to Locks of Love, and I wanted a gentle shampoo to prevent breakage and keep it manageable. My hair is naturally wavy and blonde (it was frizzy when it was longer), and although the strands themselves are "fine," I have a lot of them, so my hair does not look limp. The natural wave also helps build up the body of my hair, and midwest summer humidity actually can create a fuzzball-head situation for me! I don't spend a lot of time on heat styling and I try to be gentle with brushing and combing, but even so, I consider my hair to be breakage-prone. So when I decided to give up hair trims for several months in preparation for my hair donation, the frizzies and roughness got out of control pretty quickly. I was using cheap drugstore shampoos such as Suave and TRESemme. I was using cheap conditioners as well, but I did once-or-twice weekly deep conditioning treatments (Pantene usually), and I always always always loaded up on the conditioner and often conditioned twice consecutively. Despite my conditioning efforts, my hair was getting very dry, and it was time for new shampoo. I will admit, I finding the "perfect" cosmetic is my personal favorite "waste" of time... I did a ridiculous amount of research (and spent an embarrassing amount of time doing so) on shampoo ingredients, and finally arrived at two choices: Redken All Soft or Matrix Sleek.Look Smoothing Shampoo. These two had gentle cleansers, and abundance of moisturizing ingredients, along with the highest epinions ratings of any shampoo I'd seen. The consensus seemed to be that these shampoos would not dry out hair, and this was my top priority. I decided on the Sleek.Look because it was a slightly better price per ounce, and because I wasn't sure how I felt about the smell of the All Soft. I only bought the shampoo... no conditioner.
The first time I used the Sleek.Look shampoo, I loved it. It is a thick white creamy liquid. Even the shampoo itself feels soft! The bubbles were soft and rich (tons of lather!), and even after rinsing I was able to run my fingers through it! It felt great!! After using my usual cheap conditioner, it felt even silkier. The scent was light and clean, but not fruity or floral. I try to let my hair air-dry as often as possible, and even with no styling or product the frizzies were visibly reduced. After continued use, it got even better! And after the "big chop," I continued to use it. Now that my hair was 13 inches shorter, it was much lighter and free to curl... and curl it did! Matrix Sleek.Look shampoo was not so heavy that it weighed it down, yet it defined my curls and prevented the frizzies with a little bit of mousse, spray gel, and help from the blow dryer diffuser attachment. When I choose to wear my hair straight, I use L'Oreal Smooth Intense conditioner, and it is silky and smooth. When I wear it curly, I use TRESemme Healthy Volume conditioner, and my curls are springy and bouncy. Matrix Sleek.Look shampoo is a great complement to either conditioner.
I should also note that I'm an avid runner, and that means sweat- head is a daily occurrence for me. I wash my hair every day because of this, and Sleek.Look shampoo seems to be gentle enough to not dry the heck out of my strands.
I was conned into buying Aveda Be Curly shampoo and conditioner from my salon. I must say, despite the tantalizing smell, I am not a big fan of Be Curly. It seems to weigh my curls down and make them limp. Sleek.Look shampoo actually seems to be better for the curls (when used with TRESemme Healthy Volume conditioner anyway)!! So I think I've found my "soulmate" shampoo. And by the way, despite the ~$20 price tag (in Madison Wisconsin), I feel that it is a good investment. A 32 oz bottle lasted about 8 months (although my hair is chin-length, so I might use less than you would). $2.50 a month seems reasonable to me for the ease of styling it has brought me! Plus I don't need to get my hair trimmed very often since it is less drying than what I was using previously and it breaks less!
I would recommend this shampoo to anyone... that is, unless you have oily or limp hair. I would think that this might leave your hair limp if your hair is very fine and oily. For normal to dry hair, it is great!!

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