Slim Fast Low Carb Creamy Chocolate Shake

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Slim Fast Joins the Low Carb Craze

May 28, 2004 (Updated May 28, 2004)
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Pros:Convenient, has a fairly low amount of carbs, although it could be better.

Cons:Taste is just ok.

The Bottom Line: Not as good tasting as regular Slim Fast shakes, but an easy low carb meal alternative.

I had been following the Atkins diet for a couple of months. I am off at the moment but I plan to go back on the diet as soon as pay day rolls around and I can get the proper groceries as I want to follow an out lined plan for about a month. I am still watching my carbohydrates somewhat, but not as much as I was while I actively doing the diet.

I think one of the reasons I needed to take a break was because Atkins is not a convenience diet there is lots of cooking and preparation if you are doing it right. Another reason was because I was just plain getting sick of eggs and having to prepare eggs every morning. Sure there are other options especially if you are further along on the program, but in the phase I was in there are a lot less options. Mainly my problem was breakfast. So I decided to check out the pre-packaged low carb. breakfast items. Most of them were still pretty high in total carbs, so I decided to look towards diet shakes, especially now since many companies are making low carbohydrate shakes. I found the Atkins shakes at $8.99 per can to be way too expensive. I knew Slim Fast had come out with low carb.shakes, and I like regular slim fast shakes, and they were a bit cheaper so I decided to give them a try.

Slim Fast Creamy Chocolate Shake Low Carb

I picked up a box of 4-11.5 oz cans. I purchased them at my local Walmart. The cost was $5.99 and I had a coupon from the Sunday paper for $1.00 of so that made buying these shakes pretty reasonable. If you want to try these I would keep an eye on your Sunday paper, Slim Fast puts coupons out frequently.

The most important thing to me was the total carb. content of the shake. The Slim Fast shakes have a total of 8 grams of carbs. 8 grams of carbohydrate is higher than the basic egg breakfast, but over all not to terribly bad, if you follow the Atkins plan you probably should not have these during the induction (beginning) phase. For those of you who only care about counting Net carbs. These shakes have just 2.

I will attempt to explain Net carbs briefly. There are good carbs and bad carbs but how they are good or bad can depend on different peoples health and peoples specific diets. For the most part some carbs. have little or no affect on blood sugar while others do. Therefore if you are a diabetic for instance it is wise for you to watch your net carb. intake. The good carbs are carbs that do good things for your body and for the most part do not affect you blood sugar negatively. You may want to think of these good carbs as the ones that provide your body with fiber. I like how this is demonstrated right on the Slim Fast Low Carb. shake box. They say that the product has 8 grams of carbohydrate, 6 of those grams are fiber, leaving just 2 net grams of carbohydrate (8-6=2).

The following nutritional, ingredient, and product claim information was taken directly from the box:

Nutritional Information:
Calories 190; Calories From Fat 80; Total Fat 9 g (Saturated Fat 1.5 g; Trans Fat 0 g; Polyunsaturated Fat 1.5 g; Monounsaturated Fat 6 g); Cholesterol 15 mg; Sodium 200 mg; Potassium 550 mg; Total Carbohydrate 8 g (Dietary Fiber 6 g; Sugars 2 g); Protein 20 g; Vitamin A; Vitamin C; Calcium; Iron; Vitamin D; Vitamin E; Vitamin K; Thiamin; Riboflavin; Niacin; Vitamin B6; Folate; Vitamin B12; Biotin; Pantothenic Acid; Phosphorus; Iodine; Magnesium; Zinc; Selenium; Manganese; Chromium; Molybdenum

Water; Milk Protein Concentrate; Calcium Caseinate; Canola Oil; Cocoa (Processed With Alkali); Maltodextrin; Potassium Phosphate; Mono and Diglycerides; Cellulose Gel; Cellulose Gum; Soybean Lecithin; Artificial Flavor; Guar Gum; Salt; Carrageenan; Sucralose (Nonnutritive Sweetener); Sodium Citrate; Caramel Color; Citric Acid; Vitamins and Minerals: Magnesium Phosphate; Sodium Ascorbate; Vitamin E Acetate; Zinc Gluconate; Ferric Orthophosphate; Niacinamide; Calcium Pantothenate; Manganese Sulfate; Vitamin A Palmitate; Pyridoxine Hydrochloride; Thiamin Mononitrate; Folic Acid; Chromium Chloride; Sodium Molybdate; Potassium Iodide; Phylloquinone (Vitamin K1); Sodium Selenite; Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12); Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3).

Product Claims

The Slim Fast plan cuts your calories and helps provide nutrition you need to stay healthy while you lose weight and keep it off including: Calcium for strong bones Antioxidants that may help neutralize free radicals which can damage cells. Vitamin B-12 helps support cell health, Phosphours helps maintain normal cell function. Zinc hels support a healthy immune system. Protien helps maintain normal muscle growth.

Check with your Doctor first if you have over 30 pounds to lose or any serious health problems. These shakes are not intended to be you only source of nutrition. They suggest a total intake of 1200 calories including the shakes. Also drink plenty of water and other calorie free beverages.

Stuff You Really Want To Hear

I am sure you are wondering how it tastes. Well for those of you who have had the regular chocolate Slim Fast Shake, I have to say it is not as good. It kind of tastes like the original, and has the same consistency, but it is not quite as sweet and is not quite as rich tasting as the regular. For those of you who have not tried a regular Slim Fast shake before then I will have to it has a slight chocolaty flavor but could be sweeter and richer. Bottom line the flavor is tolerable at least to me but I really like the regular Slim Fast Shakes, if you do not like the regular Slim fast shakes then you probably will definitely not like these, as they are not as good.

My Thoughts

Even though 8 grams of carbs. is more than a typical egg breakfast it is still a lot less than a bowl of cereal which as anywhere from 22 to 30 grams of carbohydrates, and who can eat just one bowl. So this is a good low carb breakfast alternative or any meal alternative. It is convenient, since you just keep the can in the fridge. When you are ready to drink simply pull it out, give it a quick shake, pop it opened and you are good to go. This has been a wonderful alternative for me on busy days when there is just no time to eat breakfast, I can bring it in the car with me drink while I am driving.

The taste is not something I look forward to but it is tolerable and the shake hits the spot when you are on the go and hungry, or if you don’t fell like fixing breakfast or any meal for that matter. So far the Slim Fast is the least expensive low carb. shake I have seen. I have tried a couple of other brands, and so far the Slim Fasts have actually tasted the best out of the ones I have tasted, I have not tried the Atkins brand as of yet. There is also another brand of low car shake that has slightly less total carbs. so if you are more concerned about a couple of carbs. than you are about taste or price there are other alternatives. I would love to hear about anyone else’s experience with any brand of low carb. shake as well.

Bottom line: It is convenient, reasonably priced, fairly low in carbs., very low in net carbs, and has a tolerable although I wouldn’t say good taste. I would recommend this for any one with a busy, low carb. life style. If you don’t like the regular Slim Fast shakes though, I don’t know if you will be able to handle these. But watch for the coupons it makes it reasonable enough to at least give these shakes a try.

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