Slim Fast Low Carb Creamy Chocolate Shake

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Slim Fast is an unhealthy way to go, main ingredient is SUGAR

Jul 30, 2011
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Pros:Any liquid diet(Substitute meal with liquid),u will lose weight. Contain vitamins.

Cons:Despite the vit, diet is a risk to health! Main ingredient: sugar; contains chemical(non-nutritive) sugars.

The Bottom Line: Find healhty alternative. Vitamin store: buy healthy shake (meal replacement) with little sugar, no chemical sugar. Eat fruits, vegetables & nuts in the place of slim fast "candybars." Exercise.

I've been doing the slim fast diet off and on for over ten years! (Although I recently quit because of the unhealthy ingredients) They have changed their products several times. When I first started I always stuck with the low carb diet and they also provided muffin type bars which I thought was great because candy bars in between shakes doesn't sound good to me (health wise). They also use to use REAL sugar in their products. But as time passed and the "new sugar-aspartame, etc." came out they replaced their real sugar with FAKE CHEMICAL SUGARS!! And YES, if you look at the first ingredient of most of their products guess what it is? ...High Fructose Con Syrup. Back in the day when everything was "real" and they also had other options besides 'candybars,' I found the system very helpful in losing weight. Of course when they changed everything for the worse health wise, I wasn't happy about it at all as a loyal customer. But I tried it out and it didn't help me lose weight! I wasn't gaining weight, but I wasn't losing it either. And everytime I ate a candybar (snack) I felt bad because of all the sugar. It's just not healthy! When you look at a product label, they put the ingredients in the order of most quantity. So if high fructose corn syrup is first in the list, then the product contains more high fructose corn syrup than anything else ....and so on.

In conclusion, this diet may help some lose weight but it is certainly not a healthy way to go. High fructose corn syrup and chemical "fake" sugars are NOT good for the human body. Many studies have proven that. The first ingredient in the Slim Fast French Vanilla Powder shake is in fact sugar! It also unfortunately contains non-nutritive sugars, but it's the last ingredient so then there is very little. I think the whole idea of the slim fast diet is to be on a liquid diet for the most part. Replacing 1-2 meals with a liquid shake/drink will help you lose weight. The most effective and healthy way to go would be to find a healthy shake (meal replacement) which can be found at different vitamin stores. Then in between you will eat "snacks" such as fruits, nuts, and low-fat yogurt. Then you eat the sensible meal. Exercise is relevant too, in order to lose and maintain weight.

So you can easily find a healthy alternative by going to a vitamin store and buying a healthy shake (meal replacement) which contains little sugar and no chemical sugar. Then eat fruits, vegetables and nuts in the place of slim fast "candybars" (snacks). And of course, exercise.

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