Jul 8, 2010
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The air conditioner will cool a small room.  HOWEVER, it leaks quite a bit of water.  There is an emergency valve in the back of the unit, but it is impossible to empty (I currently use a shallow cookie tray at the mouth of the valve to collect some of the water).  The problem is that the water does not just leak out of the emergency valve, it leaks from just about everywhere at the base of the unit.  That is the biggest, most frustrating problem.  Additionally, although the unit is portable and is on wheels, it is quite heavy.  Therefore, it is quite a hassle to utilize the "portability" feature. 

Therefore, if your goal is to heat and cool 2 rooms, I would recommend getting 2 window unit acs (one for each room), and a portable space heater.  This will only cost slightly more than the price of this product.   

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