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SoloFlex Vs. Free Weights Vs. Bowflex

Feb 26, 2009
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Pros:Built like an ABRAMS TANK !!   Ease of use. Extremely versatile.
Shows results amazingly fast !

Cons:Weight bands are expensive if they need to be replaced

The Bottom Line: You will not be disappointed with this machine. Make sure most of the major parts are there if you buy a used one.This machine is a steal !

As a Police Officer, it is vitally important that I  stay strong. The "bad guys" seem to be working out more and more, and getting stronger as well. At 44 years old, I'm not as flexible as I once was, but I'm stronger than ever. For the last 8-10 years, the majority of the time, I've used a Bowflex. At times, I would take several months and hit the free weights. The older I've gotten, free weights  begin to take a toll on my joints. I begin to even have some injuries from the repetitive movements (Esp. the Bench Press), from the Bowflex. I decided that I would sell my old Bowflex Power Pro, and order a new Bowflex Classic. The Bench Press design appeared to be better thought out on the newer models. Needing a piece of equipment in the interim, I decided to try and buy a used SoloFlex. I had always wanted one, and it seemed that they could be purchased at a very fair price. I found one within a matter of days. $200.00, and in very good used condition. I set it up, which was very easy, and decided to work out on it the next day. I set up a simple 3 stage workout for upper body development. Bench Press, Military Press & Bicep curls. I was astounded a the quality of this machine !!!  I was already familiar with the band resistance, so there was no big transition there. The ease of use was great. The SoloFlex is built to last forever !! I've told my friends that it's built like an Abrams Tank. I believe that it is a FAR superior machine than the Bowflex, from a build standpoint, and I like the "feel" of it better also. After workouts on the Soloflex, (approx. 40 min.), your muscles show the effects. You look bigger and are more toned. When you grab this machine, you know that you have an unbelieveably strong unit to work out on. I've seen people call this machine "crap". To those who say that, you're doing something wrong, this machine is everything that the commercials said it was. I recommend it highly !!!

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