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Sonicare HX6972 Oral Care (75020007964)

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That Just-been-to-dentist clean feeling everyday

Sep 17, 2011
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Pros:Highly effective cleaning and gum stimulation. Beautifully and scientifically designed.

Cons:Not cheap. 

The Bottom Line: Good gum and tooth care can keep you healthy and smiling. This brush is well-designed and very effective.  


My dentist and hygienist are very vigilant and very vocal about taking care of your gums. They always point out areas that accummulate plaque and they measure your gum pockets (signs of gum disease starting) and give a lot of advice on how to brush, floss and otherwise take care of the problem.

  This is not just for good teeth--heart disease is associated with gum disease.   But floss alone does not remove plaque at the gumline. I went through several toothbrushes, including an Oral B, plus some interdental brushes that poke out anything caught on the gum between the teeth and which stimulate the gums. I use floss. This time, even with an improvement, my dentist recommended this Philps FlexCare and the hygienist actually had a demonstration model to show just how it worked.  

Despite having an Oral B brush I like, I was impressed. There are so many "next generation" features on this brush that even if you have an older model, you may, like myself, want to upgrade. Here are my findings.


This brush has an oblong, shaped head that allows long bristles to get between the teeth somewhat, and allows water to jet between teeth. You can see the anatomical shape.

The pulsing is sonic, meaning, much faster than simple rotation (faster than sound waves) and it buzzes. Some people find this buzzy feeling a bit off-putting. I'm sensitive yet I did not find this annoying except behind the teeth in the back gum area. For those who are super-sensitive, there is a softer setting.

The unit comes with a charger that contains a sanitizer unit. Wow! Someone figured out that one plug for charging, sanitizing with UV and one unit on the vanity is what we consumers want. Yes, indeed. When you are done with brushing, you can wash off the unit, pop off the head, put it in the sanitizer, place unit on charger and it stays at full charge and the head is ready for your next brushing. It holds two heads (with a colored ring to tell his from hers, or yours from theirs, and two fit into the sanitizer.)

It comes also with a hard case for travel and a travel charger. At first I was "Well, I'd hate to lose this in a suitcase" but if you are going to be away for a while, I could see missing this toothbrush.

  Two brush heads and identity rings came with the unit.  

The brush is has an attractive brushed chrome plate on the plastic body. The settings are lit from the inside and there are two buttons, a round on-off, and an oblong choose-setting button. You scroll down through the choices and pick your brush setting. Easy to read due to the good lighting.


There are a number of settings on the unit:

1. Clean--a 2 minute clean with three beeps to tell you to move from quadrant (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right) 30 seconds per quadrant.  
2. Gum Care (the 2 minutes plus an extra minute to stimulate gums)
3. Refresh A short brush  session
4. Sensitive (toned down for sensitive teeth)
5. Massage --gentler gum massage
I find the beeps a bit quiet, but that could be a good thing if you hate electronic things making beeping noises an irritant. The sound of the brush itself is kind of a high pitched soft whine.


After using this for two weeks, I still have that "just been to the dentist" feeling on my teeth. The backs of my lower incisors are still smooth, and this is where I build up a lot of tartar. I can FEEL that it is keeping the tartar down. I still have to carefully angle the brush in back to get several trouble spots but when I floss, I see my gums looks firm and pink, no soggy areas.
I am not due for another visit for three months, but I can update the review when I go again--let's see if my gums have shown improvement using this brush.

I also notice that you really have to be careful how much toothpaste you apply--too much and you will literally foam at the mouth--a pause feature would have been nice because I have to stop from time to time during a two minute brushing to keeps from dribbling foam down my chin. It's a fine art to get the right dab of toothpaste to keep the foam at an acceptable level.


Definitely, this state-of-the-art brush is a huge step above my previous Oral B. The design of the brush head, the sonic speed and the various settings make for effective gum and tooth care. The sanitizer-charger unit is compact and cleverly designed. The brush makes my teeth feel dentist-visit-clean. I think this brush is worth EVERY penny. It might even let me drop the extra dentist visit I make per year (not covered by my insurance) because I need that extra cleaning. 

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