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Sony ICF-CD815 Clock Radio

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This Sony is a good value, and easy to live with

Mar 15, 2010
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Pros:Big display numbers, dual alarm, convenient cd player, adjustable brightness

Cons:Radio and volume dials are badly placed and not digital, no presetting of stations

The Bottom Line: This is a good value, $40 gets you dual alarm, cd, large display, but no digital radio/volume controls, just poorly placed knobs.

I received this Sony alarm clock/cd player for Christmas 09, and think it is a good value for the price (I saw it available for @$40 at Target).  My old alarm was ancient, and becoming unreliable, so in comes the Sony. 
It has a huge number display, which I like (I have poor eyesight without my glasses on), but others may find it uncool. 
It has a two-alarm set up (which we use daily, one for me, one for spouse), and the usual options for waking up to alarm, cd, or radio station.
I like the alarm, it starts off soft and gradual, and gets louder the longer it rings.  Setting it up is not too challenging, just read the manual and you'll be fine. 
The sound quality is about what you'd expect for $40, and if you're expecting Bose-like sound, you'll be disappointed.  Its more than adequate for me, just ending the day with some soft music which doesn't need to be symphonic. 
If you're big on radio, you might be flustered with the control dials on this one, they are dials, not digital, and out of view on the side of the unit, along with the volume control dial, which is even further back and kind of undersized.  I don't mind this, as I only use one radio station bedside, and don't change it at all.  I also leave my volume on the same setting all the time, so fumbling to find it is no issue for me.  If you need to change stations or volumes often, this model would frustrate you. 
It does have a nice adapter cord for a mp3 player/headphones, but the cord is short, and easy to misplace, I just wrapped it around the base of the unit in the back, so its there when I need it, problem solved.
Another nice feature, on the back of the unit is a little switch, with three brightness settings for the front display.  I like the darkest setting, which you can barely see during the daytime, and if we lose power and I have to reset the clock, I always switch to a brighter setting to reset the alarms.
The alarms themselves are easy to set, and have nice sturdy switch buttons on either side of the front display panel.  You use two corresponding buttons on the front display to set the alarm times. 
I just use a swiffer to dust if off every week or so, and it works like a champ!

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Amount Paid (US$): 40

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