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Oct 5, 2008 (Updated Oct 5, 2008)
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Pros:It saved me from buying an expensive mp3 player to install in my car.

Cons:I have nothing negative to say about the Sony portable CD player.

The Bottom Line: It's a great Sony CD player, and it's cheaper than a $200 mp3 player to install in your car.

Using the CD Player and it's Power Sources

When I bought the Sony portable CD player, it came with a car battery cord, a cigarette lighter socket, and a jack that you connect to your headphone input. One end of that jack is connected to a blank cassette that you insert to the car cassette deck. The CD player is car ready, and you may play your CD through your cassette deck with the attached cassette tape. Somehow when you play your Cd's from the jack inserted into the headphone input, the sound is sent through the cassette tape, and you may hear it play in your cassette deck. I was happy because I did not have to buy an mp3 player to install in my car. It would have cost me $100 to $200 maybe.

You may use batteries with the CD player. The batteries are not included. In order to use batteries, you will have to slide open the player lid and open the battery compartment lid inside the CD player.
You will have to have two LR6 (AA size) alkaline batteries by matching the to the diagram inside the CD player and choose the lid until it clicks into place. Insert the - end first for both batteries.

Playing a CD According to the Instructions

1. Slide Open to open the lid and place the CD to the pivot and then close the lid.
2. Press play/pause to play from the first track, press play/pause for 2 seconds or more while the CD player is stopped.

The CD player can play CD-Rs/CD-RWs recorded in the Compact Disc Digital Audio (Audio CD) format, but playback capability may vary depending on the quality of the disc and the condition of the recording device.

The Functions

The Sony CD player has several functions. It has a digital mega bass function. During play, press Sound/AVLS repeatedly to select "SND 1 or SND 2". If the sound is distorted, then the sound is too loud. Turn down the volume.

There is an AVLS function. According to the instructions of the CD player, if AVLS flashes three times, the function is enable. If it flashes once, the function is disabled.

The CD has a G-Protection function that provides protection against sound skipping during many active uses. The default setting is "G-on." To select "G-off", you should press pause.....

There is a bookmark play. This is where you want to add bookmarks to your favorite tracks during the playback. You may listen to these tracks only from the track with the lowest number. Hold play/pause until (bookmark) flashes on the display.

To remove bookmarks, during the playback of the tracks with bookmarks, press and hold play/pause until the bookmark disappears from the display.

The CD also has a play mode function. During play, all you have to do is press P Mode Repeatedly. You have a normal play, single track play, shuffle play, and a bookmark play. To repeat play mode you selected, press and hold the P Mode unit it disappears.

Installing the CD player

When I play the CD player in my car, my first worry was finding a safe and comfortable place to put it. I had a small space to place it that I call the ash tray. It fit just right and does not fall down when I am driving.

My second worry is to keep the CD player away from a lot of sunlight because I plan to keep it in the car. Sometimes it gets really hot in my car, but it hasn't bothered the CD player so far.

My third worry is the fuse. It's possible for the fuse to blow to the cigarette lighter plug. According to the instructions, I found that they can be replaced. You just remove the plug end and take out the fuse. You will always know that your cigarette lighter plug is working. When the power is turned on, the LED lamp of the car battery cord lights up.

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