Sony DVP-FX750 Portable DVD Player with Screen (7") Reviews

Sony DVP-FX750 Portable DVD Player with Screen (7")

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This seems to work well and be a good brand.

Apr 24, 2012
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Pros:Durable, doesn't skip, high picture/sound quality, easy to use, good brand.

Cons:A little pricey, doesn't charge while watching a movie.

The Bottom Line: This was a good DVD player to buy my son, it's pretty durable and works well.

My son is six and has gone through two portable DVD Players, they just tend to give out with my kid lugging it around after about two years. I was in the market for a new DVD player for my son and ended up at Walmart getting the Sony 7" Portable DVD Player. So far it has been a good portable DVD player for my son.

I was looking for a 9" DVD Player but I could not find one and not in the prices I was looking for, so I settled for a 7" screen. My son actually doesn't mind and it works well for him. He uses it to go to a different room or in his room to watch movies, sometimes before bed on a weekend (he does not have a TV or DVD Player in his room). He uses it to watch something if the family is watching something on the family TV and he wants to watch something else. It keeps him busy when us adults are doing something that doesn't involve kids like work online. He also uses it in the car for longer travel and when we go overnight somewhere, as it is a little convenient movie player for him. 

I think when this DVD Player gives out, I really won't need to get another one since his Portable DVD Player has been somewhat replaced by the iPad. You can download and watch movies easier on the iPad (and with headphones as well), it's slimmer/smaller, more durable and you don't have to lug DVD's around. His Nintendo DS is also getting replaced by the iPad, as he downloads hundreds of games on it and I barely ever see him even pick up his DS anymore.    

The good thing about this DVD Player is that it is easy to use for my son, he understands easily how to put a movie in gently, push play, pause, stop, and open/close it via the buttons on top and the side. If he (at six) can figure it out, any adult can, plus it comes with instructions for anyone who cannot figure out the DVD Player.   

At walmart it is $89.99, the price is surprising because that's how much Portable DVD Players have been for years, I thought maybe the price would have gone down by now.       

This DVD player comes with headphones (which are great for kids to use when you don't want to hear their movie!), one audio line-out and one composite video output (extra wires to hook up to the TV, and one to plug into your car to charge when you are out of town). It has a plug that plugs into the wall to charge as well (attached to it).

This DVD player is lightweight and came in blue or red at the store, but there is also black that I see online. It's very portable at a little over 7" in length and a couple inches thick. The screen has nothing special, it's just the lid you open or close (it does not swivel or go flat or anything). The resolution is 480x234. The screen is a widescreen but of course can play non-widescreen dvd's. It can also display photos on disk and it says it can go three hours on a charge, and it does seem to last longer than other portable DVD players I have owned in the past.

This DVD player seems durable and I don't notice skipping when we move it around (which some used to do in the past if you moved even slightly- which was annoying since a lot of times this will be on a lap). This also comes with a DVD remote, which my son thinks is cool but who knows how long it will take before we lose it. I do feel the sound and picture quality are good for the price. The battery it comes with does not charge while watching a movie, so it's best to charge at night when my son is sleeping. This is one of the annoying things, because there are times he may want to watch a movie, but had forgotten to charge it beforehand. It also seems to play older movies that are scratched up a bit just fine. This could have also come with a few more accessories like a bag to carry it in, or straps to use in a car, etc.

Overall, this is a handy, durable little portable dvd player that works well for kids when they need an extra movie player for their room, in a car or on a trip.

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Amount Paid (US$): 89.99

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