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Sony PSP go 16 GB Piano Black Handheld System

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Original PSP is still better!

Feb 27, 2011
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Pros:A nice handheld, that is too expensive for what it is and missing features !

Cons:Battery life still the same as previos PSPs, odd control layout

The Bottom Line: Its alright!

The new PSP GO is the latest PSP to be released by Sony! The inital launch of the PSP GO was terrible and Sony had to relaunch it with a get '10 games free' offer. However the PSP GO is still very expensive for what you get and not really worth buying.
Definitely do not buy this if you already have have of the old PSP models. While the screen is larger and a lot clearer in the PSP GO, the differences a miniscule when compared to the PSP -3000 model's screen. The unit allows you to slide the screen up, thus protecting the buttons below the screen.
The button placement is fiddly compared to the older PSPs, since the analog stick is on the right of the D-pad instead of underneath it like the older models and if you have big hands, you will find it difficult to operate the PSP.
One advantage that the unit does have however, is that it contains 16GB of flash memory, giving you plenty of space to store all of your games that you want to buy of the PSN store only. Did I say 'PSN store only?' This is because the PSP GO doesn't contain a UMD drive (this was a failed technology in the first place by sony), so you cannot buy pre-owned or new UMDs anymore. While this certainly annoyed me, since I like the PSP cases and to have a hard physical copy of the game itself is much better than a Downloaded copy.
You can backup all of your purchases to your computer via 'Media Go', which is a simple process!
The games only look slightly clearer with the new screen, but other than that there are no graphical improvements!
The PSP still allows you to play music, watch films and all the features of the previous PSPs (including the option to output video to a television. You can also still view comics via the PSN store.
Battery life is still very much the same as the PSP-3000 (yes and it doesn't even have a UMD drive, quite astounding really!)
The PSP GO is not worth purchasing (if you haven't bought one now, you may as well wait for the NGP that will be coming out in not many months time). If you already have a PSP, don't even bother wasting your money! However if you really want this, Sony have dropped the of all their PSPs. I personally would just get a PSP Slim N' Lite, a 16GB memory stick duo and then have plenty of money left for games, rather than spend the money on the GO. 

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