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Sony SA-W2500 Powered Subwoofer

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Not Perfect But A Winner

Dec 20, 2011 (Updated Dec 23, 2011)
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Pros:Amazing bargain price; easy setup; well made and a sound of more expensive units

Cons:Fine tuning takes time and effort; control knobs do not give a linear response

The Bottom Line: If you want picturesque sound, get a high end unit or you will not be happy.  If you want great sound at an affordable price this is your baby!

I got this to compliment my Vizio SB200 soundbar in a smallish den that did not require the full blown Bose surround system of the larger den.  To end the suspense, it receives a 4/5 because 4.5/5 is not an option and this is not a perfect piece of machinery; perfect being relative to the cost, of course.  I say it's not perfect because it took about an hour of fiddling to get the sound to an all around acceptable level for TV, DVD and Netflix/Amazon Internet movies and the adjustment response from the knobs is not linear.  I wish a higher rating was available because this subwoofer is, overall, a superb addition.

I have a Polk Audio tower speaker based music stereo system and a Bose surround system in a larger room; I say this as a frame of reference.  The smaller room with the soundbar and Sony subwoofer, now that it is tuned, sounds incredible.  Nice crisp deep bass is possible from this unit if you take your time, move the unit around a little (okay the 6' cord is a .15 deduction) and try to adjust the angle off perpendicular a bit.

The movie Be Cool is what I chose to tune the DVD portion as there are deep booming bass sounds when the WMD roll into LaSalle's neighborhood and there are crisp highs when Linda Moon plays the piano in the dance club she uses for practice.  Lifelike is a word that comes to mind; of course my ears are probably a bit damaged from Rock and Roll in the 70's and audiophiles may dispute the claim to varying degrees of the nth power.  Still, for a small to medium space this setup just works.

For the price, you will not be disappointed.  matter of fact, this is one of those buys that sounds more expensive than it is...I think we call that a bargain :)


By way of an update; the unit is self powered and does not require a separate amplifier.  It plugs into the back of the Vizio soundbar by way of a supplied RCA cable.  There is no provison for a digital hookup (though the soundbar is connected to the TV via digital hook up).  The frequency crosover can be adjusted between 50 - 200 Hz and I find the mid range (about 100Hz) crossover works best for me.  Certain situations call for more or less crossover, admittedly, but in the absence of a remote that can do that trick...I recommend finding your seet spot for the type of listening you do most often and letting it be.

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