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Sony ICF-C180 Clock Radio

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Dream Away

Jan 15, 2010
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Pros:electric cord and battery powered, two alarms, big snooze button, multiple alarm sounds

Cons:strange and confusing to operate at first

The Bottom Line:

You can depend on it to wake you up for years to come.

I received my Sony (ICFC180) Clock Radio for Christmas several years ago. Since the time I started using it, it has worked without falter. There are several things that make this product great. There are two alarms, a big snooze button, several alarm tones, AM/FM radio and it is powered by both an electric cord to plug in and a battery.

Two Alarms
This is a great feature for anyone who has a crazy schedule sometimes. I have one alarm set to go off for my usual time in the mornings. The other alarm I am now free to set to whenever I want. If I simply want to take a quick nap or perhaps I don’t have to get up that early one morning I can easily set the second alarm for a new time without having to change my normal alarm time.

Big Snooze Button
Over the years this has become my favorite feature. I am not a morning person and so hate to, and have a hard time getting up in the mornings. This snooze button is located right on the front of the top and takes up about a third of the space. This allows me to easily find it in my still half asleep stupor.

Several Alarm Tones
If you are like me, you can learn to tune unpleasant noises out and sleep right through them. This happened a lot with my alarms in the past, but with three new noises to wake up to in the morning I can  switch things up to make sure that I am awake and going when I need to be. There is the ever popular beep, a cheerily annoying little tune and of course, the old movie classic, the radio. When my sleep fuzzy brain learns to tune one out I simply switch the sound.

AM/ FM Radio
I love to listen to the radio, so having one right there conveniently placed next to my bed is a big plus. Whenever I want to I can easily reach over and turn it on to listen to all of my favorite stations.

Electric Cord and Battery
This brilliant design has both an electric cord to plug in and a battery to power this dream machine. This is great when the power goes out! My machine is still running and I can go to sleep confident that I will be able to wake up on time. Because the alarm keeps working even when the power goes out I also don’t have to reset the clock or alarms whenever it happens.

You should be warned however that learning to use the Sony (ICF180) Clock Radio can be tricky. The controls can be a bit odd and there is definitely a learning curve from any previous alarm clock you have had, but overall this is a great machine that you can depend on to wake you up.

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