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Sony SS-F7000 Floor Standing Speakers

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Sony SS-F7000 - High Fidelity Without the High Price

Sep 25, 2009
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Pros:great sound, low price

Cons:crappy grill design - flimsy

The Bottom Line: I would recommend these to the average user who enjoys music and movies - nice price great sound!

My Setup:
TV:  Sony KDL 46XBR6
Receiver: Sony STR DE-935 (5.1 – Dolby Digital/DTS decoder – 110 watts per channel)
Mains:  Sony SS-F7000 Towers (subject of this “epinion”)
Center: Sony SS-CR290 (This was a set consisting of a center and 2 surrounds)
Rear: Aiwa AV-SX1000 (name is more impressive than it is)
Subwoofer:  Sony SA-WM40 (120 Watt)
Bluray player – Sony BDP-350S
Cables:  Monster cable 3 foot Toslink cable, hdmi cables from bluray to TV from (God bless them – who needs $60 hdmi cables?) – and 16 gauge speaker cable through out (also from
Yeah I know – Sony Wh@re... Also note.. none of these components are considered audiophile components.. but they are certainly better than “Coby.”  I don’t think I listen or appreciate music so much that I have to spend thousands on equipment – as long as it sounds decent and for the right price.  Some say frugal others say cheap… oh well can’t make them all happy but I am proud of my system!

When researching them at amazon because I was basically too lazy to actually go to a store… I stumbled upon the Sony SS-F speaker floorstanding series.  They have the 5000, 6000, and the 7000.  All of them tower speakers.  I read the reviews… the majority of the reviews were positive - so i went ahead and followed the reviews.

The speakers arrived within 3 days - when I opened the box the Styrofoam on top had been broken multiple places.  Uh-oh.  When I took them out of the box they were hefty – but not heavy.  I pick one up and put one in place – the top of the grill cloth seemed like it was sanded.. how can I say – it was like the cloth was worn away because it rubbed some surface… and the second speaker.. when I picked it up had rattling… not a good sign.  As I set up the second speaker… it was revealed to me that the top of the grill was damaged.. broken in fact.  I read an review that someone had the same problem… the grill was made very flimsily. 

I looked them up to my receiver… playing Kelly Clarkson – I noticed on some tracks crackling noise – and on other none of the crackling noise.  I fed it the gamut… from heavy bass tracks to soft sultry stuff to classical music.  I decided that the crackling was from the CD and not because of the speakers – I did however exposed more wire to the Sony speakers so they had perfect contact.

My first impressions – the speakers are HUGE – they are truly towers… I’m not tall so maybe to me they were but these things are like 3.5 feet..   My other first impression -- these speakers can be LOUD… for the space they are serving… they are overkill.. but better overkill than underkill… I easily could have gotten the 6000 to fill my “man room” with music and movies.  Initially I thought they sounded ok – I broke them in with some a movie called The Covenant – Twilightesque crap – I also played soundtrack music from Star Trek and some top 40 pop music from my MP3 player at 128kbps – and I have been listening to JS Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos (I highly recommend the Hanssler Classic Exclusive Series of the 6 Brandenburg Concertos with Helmuth Rilling and the Oregon Bach Festival Chamber Orchestra). 

The Star Trek TNG theme song from First Contact.. it sounded great… quiet on the quiet passages with no hissing… the trumpets were strong and confident... the Brandenburg Concertos were great on the SS-F7000 – harpsichords, violins, flutes, all sounded great.  You can pick out the individual instruments.  There were no overly bright highs on the treble or mid range.  The bass was not overly boomy… but then again I don’t think I know what boomy is though… one recommendation – although this speaker reproduces good bass a subwoofer would be recommended on LFE heavy movies and bass heavy music.  The more I listened to them i found an "airy-ness" about them, the more listened the more i appreciated the sound reproduction… ok I don’t have audiophile ears but I know what I like and these speakers are not pieces of junk and certainly not reflective of the price I paid… if I were to pay 10x as much they better sound 10x better I say!

The mp3 was ok.. a little bit lacking only because of the source and it was at 128kbps – CDs sounded much better – movies.. well forget about it.. they were great!

I am now looking to replace my small center with another bigger Sony.

My speaker specs

Warranty: 2 year parts and labor

accessories included - thin gauge speaker wire - looks almost 22 gauge wire - which will probably not bring out the "sweetness" of the speakers - you should use at least 16 (IMHO).  short runs anything above 16 awg would probably be overkill.

Grill - grill cloth with flimsy plastic grill parts - one broke during transport.

speaker is solid - made of mdf - with wood veneer - black.

1” nano fine tweeter - sweet highs -

 3.25” midrange cone with H.O.P. Highly Oriented Polyolefine -supposed to be stronger than polypropylene cone.

two 8” woofers - both mica reinforced - the mid bass woofer is has H.O.P. and the low bass woofer does not have H.O.P. - i guess it's just regular polypropylene –

Footprint: 1' x 1'   3.5 feet tall. Has feet on the bottom to prevent tipping. 

4-Way Bass Reflex - ported in the back - turn up the volume for the heavy, but not floor shaking bass - you'll need a subwoofer for the LFE.
Power Rating       200W Maximum

Impedance         8 Ohms

Frequency Response    35Hz - 50kHz

Sensitivity        90dB

Crossover        Not Specified by Manufacturer

Enclosure        Bass Reflex

Shielded        Yes (not so much a problem anymore with plasma or lcd screens)

Connector Type    Binding Post - can be used with banana plug

Dimensions (WxHxD)11.5 x 42 x 12" (290 x 1065 x 303mm)

Weight            33.1 lbs (15 kg) Each - hefty but not overly heavy

I was not disappointed in the speakers at all - you'd think you'd be gambling hit or miss for spending just $150 but they do have an MSRP of $279.99… I love them – they were the best $150 spent.. I think I would have liked to buy B+W (heard it once at a friend’s house) but I couldn’t justify dropping the cash on those. 

Overall I always ask myself this question to see if I had made a mistake.. would I do this over again? A wholehearted answer of YES… $149 – can’t go wrong and they sound great for the average music and home theatre goer!

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 149

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