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Speed Queen AWN432 Washing Machine

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Speed Queen - Tired of Disposable Washers !

Dec 16, 2012 (Updated Dec 16, 2012)
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Pros:Heavy Duty, 1/2 Horse Commercial Motor, Very Fast, Very Clean Clothes.

Cons:None so far. Watching durability.

The Bottom Line: If you haven't considered Speed Queen, they are worth a look. Washers - Dryers are all they do! Not affiliated but I like companies with good products to do well.

I have lived through washing machine heck for it seems like 10 years. First it was the National class action Maytag front load washer, then the mold growing LG, then I punted front loads and went to back to top load with the expensive "Plastic tub and plastic bearing" Whirlpool Cabrio. My lesson learned: don't look at the top instead turn it over and look under the bottom at the insides.

I first saw the Speed Queen at a home show two years ago. I noticed right off it was significanly heavier than my Cabrio and at 2/3 the price. So when my Whirlpool warranty expired along with the product only 4 years old. I got serious about evaluating the Speed Queen.  I found that the Speed Queen has the same transmission as thier commercial laundromat units. If it has been a while since you were in a laundromat what you will find in many of them are Speed Queen coin machines, they run everyday, all day. 

When I flipped it over (had the salesman lay-'er over) the bearing is big and metal and the trunnions holding it are big and metal. The wash (inner) drum is stainless and the outter drum is steel (not plastic).  It actually has a bottom, adding to structural rigidity, many do not have any type of bottom, fully open to the floor. 

So how does it work? We have had ours for over a year now and it is just such a joy to not fight with a washing machine.  The first thing we noticed was how fast it washes, literally twice as fast as our previous others. The company claims to have one of the best agitator designs out there so maybe there is something to the claim. The clothes are very clean, not tangled or balled.  The washer has a 3.3 cu ft volume and has varying water levels. A nice feature it has is a micro water level for very small loads of only a few things. 

The SQAWN432 has 17 cycles, but we only use about 5, makes me wonder why more is always picthed as better. It was very easy to install because to level it you only need to adjust the front two feet, which make that task a breeze. It does need to be level though or it it will bump during spin, but when level, very balanced. 

Once leveled there is almost a complete lack of vibration. It doesn't spin as fast as fast as many on the market (probably a good thing), but the clothes are more than adequately dry coming out.  There are two spin speeds, with fastest being 710 RPM per the manual, as compared with 1100 for others. We only know that it is actually louder when washing than spinning (we cannot even hear the spin cycle). For a comparison on our Cabrio, it would drown out the television, or Boeing 777's flying over.  The Speed Queen doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles like many, and doesn't appear to have digital switches they all feel more mechanical (old school), which I am happy with, because I couldn't stand one more flashing F51 code of my old washer. It also is not as energy effcient, but if last 8 years instead of 4, then I'll end up ahead in the deal.

Having been a woodworker a long time, I have learned the value of mass in equipment. Therefore one of the things I looked at before buying the Speed Queen was the weight. The Speed Queen weighs more than the top of the line Whirlpool by 13% more than the top of the line top load Kenmore by 27%. The difference is not in the case. The data's out there for all to see, just look at what they highlight and brag about on thier websites.  :-)

BTW - The company backs thier belief in thier product with  one of the best standard manufacturers warranties in the business. 

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