Speed Queen is the Best Washing Machine! Highest Quality! American Made!

Mar 30, 2012
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Pros:Actually cleans the clothes! (unlike our old Whirlpool) 3 months in and still loving it!


The Bottom Line: Speed Queen is a Best Buy!  Top Quality American Made washer!  Cleans and rinses excellently!  Selectable water levels (VERY hard to find feature)!! Largest load capacity!  L-O-V-E it!! Recommended!! Recommended!!

Best machine an the market!  Worth EVERY PENNY! 

I shopped around for a good washing machine since I had such a poor experience with a Whirlpool.  Speed Queen was a little more money than the other seemingly equal machines .  I finally decided on Speed Queen since it is the Only AMERICAN Made washing machine in the market.  (Even GE isn't American made any more). 

After using it the 1st time, I couldn't believe how much cleaner our clothes were coming out of the washer!  My previous Whirlpool left all the cat & dog hair on the clothes.  We had to rely on the dryer to get the fur off the clothes (filled up the lint trap).  And the old Whirlpool HAD the agitator in it (unlike so many of the newest models) and it still didn't get any fur off the clothes.  It also never rinsed all the soap out of the clothes either. 

But, the Speed Queen thoroughly CLEANS and RINSES our clothes!  It even has SELECTABLE WATER LEVELS (which I love, and is a VERY hard feature to find!) And even though the stated size didn't seem as big as our old machine, it fit our queen size comforter in with no problem (actually better than the old machine!).

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this washing machine to anyone who is looking for a top-quality washing machine!  And a big bonus is that it is the ONLY completely  AMERICAN MADE washing machine.

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