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The Spice Hunter can take me away anytime . . .

Jul 25, 2010 (Updated Jul 25, 2010)
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Pros:Inexpensive. Plenty of applications. Heats well. Cools completely w/o losing flavor.

Cons:Never enough for everything ! 

The Bottom Line: Tasty. Concentrated. Inexpensive. Turns boring into exotic. Lasts long enough if your not a veggie/pasta constant indulger !

An island, a barbecued feast, a spit-fite turnining grilling beast and surrounded by hungry people . . . I discover Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning and my Eastern Asian banquet serves the finest and pallattes are impressed. Here is to pool party favorites and I have found that starting a new career means using products I did not before: Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning. (It was my birthday you see and fantasy got the best of me since reality was well . . .)

When pasta is cheap and is available in an array of sizes and shapes, you need to learn to season it differently so it never becomes boring. I absolutely love pasta and can eat it as often as I like because I am the skinny-minny who could afford some carbohydrate calories ! It also is to be experimented with on the office-front and if the salads work, the restaurant downstairs can feature my creations.

Anyway, Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning is a seasoning that transports me to the islands upon opening and wow tasting, you singe the tongue like the hot sand of the beach your feet are on is burning the soles giving the memory a spark or the imagination an idea . . . It is exotic alright because it sizzles with flavor and bursts with excitement making any boring meat, poultry or fish seize the taste buds !


There are herbs and shellfish in Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning finely ground SO that if you are allergic too (by having had a reaction as simple as hives or as severe as anaphylactic shock), take caution in using this on your meat, poultry, fish and a night-shade veggie, the eggplant.

Sesame Seed (white, brown or black) allergic symptoms: Is said to be the 4th most common in food allergies making patient suffer from swollen hands and feet with itchy patches of skin that is crusted with either sanguineous and yellow-ish pus, known as Angioedema and Urticaria.

Upper respiratory symptoms copying asthmatic and rhinitis problems as the runny eyes and nose are a serious constant occurrence. The skin can alos be affected such in the cases of dermatitis when cosmetic or pharmaceutical products contain this seed or oil of. Those with peanut allergies may want to avoid Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning because peanut allergic reactions are similar to ones for sesame seed ingestion. Check with your doctor.


Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning
 is absorbable to a degree depending on how tough the exterior shell of the sesame seed is. But if a weaker immature seed it will convert to energy in the body and this is a great asset in this natural seed occurring in nature. The body can readily accept the nutritional value and metabolize properly the energy derived from the plant oil. The sesame seed is not a highly digestible seed therefore it appears in stools if examined but is so small to begin with the husk will not damage the tender membranes of the lining which expels and eliminates waste from our body.


Depending on which color you use or buy, white, brown or black, the sesame seed is tear-drop shaped, only very tiny. The product has many of these in here next to the leaves of the ten ingredients jumbled together. It is a red powder with tan seeds, the sesame. The actual red pepper seeds are very noticeable and alone, hot. .

|| COST ||

I was excited to discover Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning is only $3.59 at my local market and goes a long way because it is potent.

|| DESIGN ||

The bottle is squarish with a round top that has a green plastic lid which opens counter-clockwise. It is transparent glass and fits snugly in your dry or wet hand, but I prefer the former. The shaker top is plastic and snaps off for free-flow pour OR has three nicely sized holes for slimmer seasoning amounts.

|| DOSAGE ||

Not that this is a recommended additive to any Thai or other Asian fare, but why mess around with the other seasonings that are full of added FD&C chemicals ? Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning is free of those and tastes, looks, smells GREAT !

A serving size is a ¼ teaspoon or .6 grams. There are at least 90 servings or 93 as the bottle label reads. There are 0 calories from fat. There is 2% of Vitamin A. There is 2.0 ounces of ground yummy added delishiousness which equates to 56 grams and that’s a lot of dishes to spice up !


Not too difficult to figure this category out and if your assimilating, eating the proper taste-good good-for-you vegetables, this seasoning will have some parts leave your body more than others. Sesame seeds folks do not change much shape or texture on the way through the digestive process, so use your imagination.


The company “The Spice Hunter” has been in operation for thirty years as it was started in 1980 and I remember this in high school. The fact that the pride used in obtaining the freshest and most quality growing regions, has me highly recommending it. I love the simple natural taste.

All of the products from herbs to spices to prepared goods are using 100% organic herbs and spices so my body and skin and organs, love me. The company sits overlooking the Pacific Ocean the central coastal region of California in San Luis Obispo. The Spice Hunter is part of The C.F. Sauer Company Retail Brands based in Richmond, Virginia.

|| INGREDIENTS, Active ||

Chile pepper; Cinnamon; Coriander; Garlic; lemon oil; Nutmeg; Onion; Red Pepper; Sesame Seeds and Shrimp

|| RECIPE (from label) ||

Satay Sauce

4 Tablespoons Thai seasoning
1 and a ½ to 2 cups Coconut Milk
1 Tablespoon Raw cane sugar
1 Tablespoon Lime Juice (or *Tamarind Water)
1 Tablespoon Fish Sauce (soy will do)
¾ cup of chunky peanut butter
2 Tablespoons fresh Cilantro

In a blender at high speed, combine 2/3 cup Coconut milk and Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning Blend until mixture is completely smooth. In a small saucepan, simmer blended mixture on low heat for 10 minutes. Add lime juice, fish sauce, sugar and 1 cup of coconut milk. Simmer 4 minutes. Remove from heat and blend in peanut butter and cilantro. Let cool. Before serving check for consistency. Add more Coconut milk if too thick. Serve at room temperature. An excellent sauce for satay, grilled meat, chicken and fried tofu.

|| SMELL ||

What do you think ?

First inhale on opening, sweet. Deeper inhalations from twisting the plastic holy-cap and just smelling the contents, are fantastic. But for those that crave a seasoning experience, I can tell you each ingredient is fine-tuned upon, sought and satisfied. You really open your senses to a richer taste experience because all budds are heightened.

The taste budd for salty is immediately transferred to sweet and immediately sends you into spicy just because the olfactory nerve is grabbed and your nose runs away into a paradisiacal adventure !

|| TASTE ||

A rich exotic flavorful scentsation that sends you sizzling into a river of amylase just waiting to absorb the haughty flavor of ten yummy ingredients blended perfectly together is Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning. The mouth is generously delivered meat at its tenderest, poultry at its vibrant, seafood at its well yummiest and vegetables beyond palatable description !

|| USES ||

Wherever a vegetable dish calls for something exotic, add Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning to it especially when preparing Asian cuisine loaded with baby corn, broccoli, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, and my favorite the pea pods. I find this seasoning is versatile for the Asian delights the Americanized population suffers from copying and can be mastered originally using this delicate combination of spices and herbs.


Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning
 is mildly hot in spiciness not temperature and can exacerbate already present conditions of heart burn or hyper acidic stomach. I do not recommend overloading on it.


I know Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning tastes and works for the dishes I get to prepare when the kitchen is available and since I adore pasta, it must satisfy. Eastern dishes are delicious without this BUT for a truly spicy original combination that is already ground for you, reaching for this is not cheating but enhancing your company’s eating adventure !

I recommend the Salt-free version as this is because heck who needs salt and while garlic is my favorite, it is the least ingredient in here so I ALWAYS add more. You can too and trying it before you dump it into noodles, veggies, meats and fishies, is the smartest taste-bud treat there is !

I will be taking to work variations of cold pasta salads using the satay sauce made with Spice Hunter Thai Seasoning as keeping Epinioners informed of how well the dishes ‘go over’ on the job.

Thank you for reading and

Enjoy !

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