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Spin Master Toys CatchABubble 3Pack

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Catch a Catch-A-Bubble ... and you'll be hooked!

May 8, 2003 (Updated May 8, 2003)
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Pros:Simple but fascinating fun for all ages! Great party favor for older kids!

Cons:Sticky goo, takes a bit of practice, may not work as well for everyone

The Bottom Line: Bubbles ... bubbles ... bubbles ... OOOOOoooo ....OoOOOoooo ...Oo .....ooOOOOo

The Easter Bunny filled my kids’ baskets with soooo many fun goodies … I don’t think they even missed the usual absolute gluttony of candy (of course there was still plenty of candy, just not an entire basket full.) And the bright colorful tubes of Spin Master Toys Catch-A-Bubble catchable, stackable, almost unbreakable bubble stuff were huge hits. Not only with the kids, but also with hubby who received the third tube from this three pack … along with a little note from the Easter Bunny that’s a bit too off-color to share here. ;-)

I’ve read mixed reviews on these bubbles, but after seeing them demo’ed at a local toy store last year, I just had to buy some. And when I spoted them on sale just before easter I bought more!!! I don’t know if it should be attributed technique or local climate or just luck of the draw … but we’ve had wonderful results with the staying power of these bubbles!

The bubbles come packaged in brightly colored (red, blue, purple, yellow, etc.) slim test tube looking bottles complete with a nerdy looking ‘pen clip’ that makes them great for grown men to stick in their shirt pockets to take to work *lol* The wand is attached to the cap. It’s a very long slender plastic rod with a diamond shaped loop at the end.

The Catch A Bubble packaging instructs users to blow the bubbles upwards into the air which will allow them to harden slightly as they drift back down. The bubbles produced are fairly small in size, but we’ve found that one dip can produce an absolute multitude of bubbles. Depending on lung power and breath control the results can be utterly astonishing. The bubble solution is fairly thick, much more so than normal bubble solution, and the user should allow the excess to drip back into the container before beginning to blow. This drip time can be very trying for an impatient 5 year old.

As the bubbles float back to earth, they can be caught best either on the bubble wand or on an open palm … but they also catch very well on a sock covered foot, a drinking glass, house plants, light fixtures, hair, and pretty much anything else that provides a smooth gentle landing space. We’ve found that catching, without popping, the first bubble can sometimes be a bit of a challenge … but usually once that first bubble is in hand, or a foot as the case may be, then others will cling to it without popping. It almost seems as if they are attracted to one another.

My son has become so adept at catching the bubbles that he can catch them with one hand and create ‘sculptures’ by adding them to the bubble structure he is holding in his other hand. Three bubbles easily become a snow man … but can you imagine a doggy all made of bubbles? Or how about a flower? David did!

Skye hasn’t had as much luck with them … she can usually catch a few and sometimes even pile up a handful … but she hasn’t quite gotten down the very gentle handling technique that is needed for more complex play. But just catching two or three bubbles at a time and having them not pop immediately is enough to keep her happy.

My son claims to have had a bubble on his book shelf for weeks before it popped. I can’t confirm it, but I don’t really doubt it because the other night as I lay in bed, I happened to notice a bubble on my ceiling fan blade. How long had it been there? When was the last time we played with the bubbles?

Age Appropriateness:

The packaging states in one location AGES 4 and in another location Not for children under 3 years. Personally I’d say that these are good for slightly older kids … my sons age seems about ideal … but that younger children can play with them with a bit of adult supervision. A very young child though probably will not have the coordination and self control to truly appreciate the catchability of these bubbles and would be just as happy with the much less expensive bubble solution. On the other hand, I don’t think there is a top limit to the age range. Hubby loved them, I’ve enjoyed them, my 30-something baby brother got a kick out of them, high schoolers seem to be drawn to them like crazy … heck, even great grandmothers are fascinated by them! Put a few tubes out at your next grown up cook out or get together and just sit back and watch the reaction!

A couple of Warnings …

Because the bubble stuff is thicker and stickier than normal … it leaves more definite marks … actually a little bit of goo … so you probably won’t want to let the kids blow bubbles in the house. But when mom and dad are the ones who can’t stop doing it … it’s kind of hard to tell the kiddies no! *lol* So I’ve just resigned myself to cleaning up the bits of goo.

The bubbles are non-toxic … but they taste NASTY. Just ask David … king of the tongue bubble catchers.

The small size makes these bubbles great for carrying with you, but use a bit of caution if putting them in a purse or backpack or diaper bag. They top should be fairly secure, but it can possibly work loose … and create quite a mess if it does. Similarly, do not leave lying on the seat in the car on a hot day. Somehow the liquid miraculously works it’s way out of the seemingly closed tube and all over your car seat!

The product will wash off skin and out of hair and clothing with no long term effects. However, do be sure to check yourself before going out of the house if you’ve been playing with these. Walking into work, a store, a restaurant, church, etc. with a glob of sticky white goo (from a popped bubble) in your hair is not a good thing.


Wowwzers! I cannot imagine paying what some folks have apparently paid for these bubbles!!! I don’t know if the price is just lower in our area or if I caught them on some great special, but I paid a mere $4.99 for the three tubes that I purchased. Each tube holds 6 mls. of bubble solution, which really isn’t all that much. But even though this is way more costly than three bottles of ‘regular’ bubble stuff, based on the amount of fun our family has had with them, I feel that the three tubes of Catch A Bubbles were well worth this price … but I couldn’t imagine having paid as much for a single tube.

Final Thoughts:

Going by other comments I’ve read … we’ve had better results with Catch-A-Bubble than many others. But based only on my families experience … and the live demonstration at our local toy shop … I just think they’re great fun and will undoubtedly by more when the occasion presents itself … probably for David's birthday party ... especially if I find the three packs for $4.99 again!

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Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 4.99
Type of Toy: Other
Age Range of Child: 6 to 8 Years

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