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Spinmaster Hedbanz Game - 7D09452A

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Hedbanz - Thankful I Don't Have to Play It

Jan 14, 2011
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Pros:My kids enjoy it

Cons:Not enough cards

The Bottom Line: Not a game this adult enjoys, but my kids certainly like the silliness of Hedbanz.

My kids eyed Hedbanz for a while. I had no plans to add to our game collection, but their aunt did. I consider this payback for the toddler drum set I once bought her kids.

The Game
Hedbanz is a game similar to 20 questions. Each player puts on an adjustable plastic headband and slips an object card into the headband. The card faces out so your opponents can see it but you can't. Players take turns asking questions to try and figure out what they are. The first player to guess three objects correctly wins.

Our Experience
Hedbanz is not a game I enjoy playing, mostly because I don't like wearing the headband; I find it uncomfortable although my kids don't complain. The game is harder to play than I expected. All of the object cards are items your child is familiar with: animals, food (spaghetti, milk, pizza) and household items (scissors, shirt, light bulb).

Hedbanz comes with a card with some potential questions to ask. I would not suggest providing those to younger players. My five year old son reads down the list of questions; once you have answered for him that he is not an animal his sisters are annoyed to have to answer other animal related questions further down the card, like do I have hair, or do I have 4 legs. As he is adept at playing 20 questions in the car, once I hid the question cards he played much better.

My biggest complaint is the instructions that come with Hedbanz. As I interpret the rules you turn over the timer, ask a question of each opponent and then use the remaining time to guess what you might be. That was an exercise in futility when you may have just determined the category. Also according to the rules, you are also allowed to ask any question except "what am I?" Those open ended questions allowed my oldest daughter to be vague in her answers while my youngest would blurt out too much with his responses. We modified the rules to allow players to ask questions and guess their identity for the entire length of the timer but only permit yes/no questions.

Final Thoughts
Hedbanz is a good game for kids in the target age range of 6 up to about 10 or so. Thankfully this is a game my children can play themselves and they really enjoy it. With only 74 cards it doesn't take long to be familiar with all of the items, so this is a game that needs to be rotated in and out of play before it becomes too easy and boring.

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