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Mar 4, 2013 (Updated Mar 8, 2013)
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Pros:noticeable improvement in hair thickness and growth, not difficult to take

Cons:label difficult to read, 3 caplets per day can seem like a lot to some

The Bottom Line: The easiest and most effective treatment I've found to help with my hair in the 30 years I've spent hating it.

Having had issues with thinning hair since I was in my 20’s, I tried many things over the years.  Last year I was close to shaving my head and going to a wig.  I didn’t go that route, but I was close.  This year when my health took a nosedive, I decided that I wanted to try a vitamin and supplement regiment and one of the items I was concerned about was my hair.  To that end, I added Spring Valley Hair, Skin & Nails plus Biotin Dietary Supplement to my regiment.

The result after about 3 months is noticeable to me at least.  Across my scalp, I am seeing thicker growth.  I can no longer see through my hair on top as easily as I did before.  Sure, some of what’s coming in is gray, but I can deal with that another way.  I’m just happy to see noticeable growth.  It’s noticeable when I style it as well.  I also see the hair growing faster.  I’m never one to rush into the salon on a regular basis, preferring to make an appointment once I think I absolutely have to, but when I look in the mirror I keep thinking that I’m already due for another haircut and it seems like I only went for one.

What’s in this “miracle supplement”?  Well, the one issue I have is that the label is so difficult to read.  The print is tiny and even with my reading glasses on it’s hard to make out.  Due to this, for the first month I was under-dosing myself.  I was taking the typical one caplet per day when the directions state to take 3.  Some people have reported good results even at 2 caplets.  Finding the dose that’s right for you might take a little juggling, but I wouldn’t try more than the recommended 3 caplets per day.

Back to the ingredients, I counted no less than 30 ingredients that make up this supplement. If you’re thinking of trying it, I’d check out the label for yourself (just bring a magnifying glass).  One thing that’s touted highly is the collagen support which includes the ingredients Vitamin C and Biotin to support the structural foundation of hair and nails.  I would guess my nails have to grow out a bit more before I see a positive effect on them as mine have always been horrible, splintering and breaking easily, which I attributed to how much time I spend behind a keyboard (and have since the mid 1980’s – I’m dating myself).

I don’t find the caplets to be large.  I take much larger pills with the rest of my nutritional regiment including Osteo-BiFlex.  These are a little bit larger than the typical Advil or Tylenol caplets that I occasionally take.  Some people who have issues swallowing pills might have difficulty, but I didn’t.

Spring Valley Hair, Skin & Nails plus Biotin Dietary Supplement are available at Wal-Mart and several other places.  If you are looking for healthier hair or are just getting to the age where you notice issues with your hair not being as healthy as it used to be, I would give it a chance.  Of all the products I’ve tried over the years, this has been the most effective and the easiest to use.

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