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Knight's Inn, Springfield, Ohio

Sep 18, 2011
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Pros:Convenient to interstates; clean enough; curteous staff; marginal continental breakfast; non-smoking rooms; no bed bugs!

Cons:in desperate need of a remodel and upgrade; not much food close; super hard beds

The Bottom Line: Not recommended for more than one night, but for a stop on a long trip, it'll do for the money.  2.5 stars rounded up due to curteous staff.

This past week we took a trip to visit some of my husband's family about seven hours away.  We could have stayed with the family, but thought it better all around to reserve a motel room.  When I went online to pick a place, I soon found that all but a couple of places were booked solid (the university in town was having its homecoming).  I was left with either very expensive or very cheap, so we took our chances with the very cheap Knight's Inn, Springfield, Ohio.

Knight's Inn, Springfield, Ohio is located at 2207 West Main Street (US 40), off of I-68 in Springfield, OH.  It is close to I-70 as well, just a short drive on I-68 to get to it.  To get to it from the interstate, you don't have to go through town, it's just on the edge which is nice for travelers.  At that end of Springfield (west), it is the closest motel to I-68/I-70.  Springfiled is about halfway between Columbus and Cincinnati along I-70. 

At that part of town, there isn't much around.  There is a BP just up and across the street, which is nice because travelers can fill up their tanks before getting on the highway again.  They also sell beer there, so if you feel a need for personal re-fueling, you can walk over and grab some for your evening stay.

There is also a small discount grocery store and Dollar General just up the street.  Wendy's is within a short drive, but that's about it for close food.  The sit-down style restaurants as well as most other fast food is all closer into town.  That's the only main downside of the location of this motel.  That wasn't an issue for us, as we ate our meals with the family we were visiting, but for travelers stopping there for the night, it's a bit of an inconvenience.


Upon driving up to the motel, I can't say it was anything special.   The office was closest to the road, a kind of a bland building with what appeared to be living quarters attached to the rear.  There were a few bushes and potted plants outside.  The office was small, and a breakfast bar was along the front wall with a few chairs.  The front desk was more modern with a computer system. 

The motel is all one floor, with outside entrances to rooms.  You simply park at your door.  The parking lot had newly painted lines, but needed a total re-pave.  There was a large rectangular gravel spot in the middle, and I'm guessing that used to be a pool.  Judging by what glimmers in that gravel, it's probably best to not drive on it.

The outside of the motel rooms appeared to have been painted within the last few years.  There was a door mat at each door.  A couple of the light fixtures were missing the covers, but at night, all exterior lights were in working order.

I had made online reservations about a month prior.  Check-in was easy, though the desk clerk was a bit hard to understand, as English was clearly not his native language.  He was pleasant enough though, and the room I had reserved was what he'd given us, so everything was correct there.  The rate was also correct as it had appeared online.

The front desk clerk directed me to the room and informed me that someone was at the desk 24 hours a day if we needed anything.

The Room
We had a non-smoking room with two double beds.  We'd wanted a king, but they were all taken in non-smoking.  From what I could see, the non-smoking rooms were on one side, and smoking on the other.  Non-smoking faced west.

When we opened the door, I was pleased it didn't smell like smoke.  We've been in motels that stated the room was non-smoking, but people had clearly broken the rules. 

The room was small.  The two double beds fit fine, and an end table separated them.  There was a table with two cloth chairs across from the beds, but the chairs were dirty and stained, and not something I wished to sit on.  There was a standard motel-style dresser along the back wall with a tube TV on it.  A phone also sat on that dresser.  What I really disliked is that the room had no alarm clock.

The bathroom was small, but no smaller than a motel bathroom usually is.  This one had the sink in the bathroom.  Right before entering the bathroom was a clothing rack and hooks on the wall.  That portion was tiled like the bathroom.

We had to be careful not to trip walking into the bathroom, as there was a small step up from the other portion of the tile floor.  What was really weird is that every night the tile floor got warm.  We had no idea why (it was 50 or below each night), but the floor was toasty warm. 


The decor of the Knight's Inn was very clashy.  The photos on the wall looked rather beat up, and the carpeting placed on the base boards consisted of three different carpet remnants, of three different designs.  The wallpaper was sloppily put up, and the bed spreads were bright pastels with what looked like a flamingo had exploded all over it as a pattern.  It looked very bad with the flecked burgundy carpeting.  The bathroom sink and tub were white, with a fairly new looking cabinet, and the toilet was a very 70's brown.  They'd replaced the seat, but with the wrong size (circle instead of oval) and paint was chipping.  The towel racks were rusting, and the bathroom door knob looked as though someone had been shooting it with a pellet gun.

We immediately inspected the bed for bed bugs.  The sheets were clean, no stains (though terrible worn and thin).  We lifted the top mattress and found no crawling underneath, so there was a big sigh of relief. 

The carpet had no crumbs or obvious debris.  The tile floors had pieces missing, grout missing in places, and was in desperate need of replacement. 

The bathroom was an acceptable level of clean.  There were a few hairs here and there, and the tub was a bit stained, as was the toilet.  The toilet was the oldest toilet I believe I've ever seen.  It was an obvious water waste and had a very weak flush.  It ran constantly and it sounded like a fish tank filter was running in the bathroom.  Luckily, the shower curtain was clean and mold-free.

The bathroom fan worked, but wasn't efficient.  It was very loud and didn't clear the steam well.  It turned on when the light was turned on.  It also looked quite filthy.

We didn't see any visible mold, but I wouldn't doubt it existed.  I had brought Clorox wipes with me to clean all surfaces plus the bathroom, and we felt better about using the old stained and partially rusty toilet after a few wipes were used on it.

The towels and washcloths were not stained, though were extremely thin and small.


The room had no fridge, microwave, or coffee maker.  There was a continental breakfast, though we never had anything from it.  It was very small, and of low quality.

They provided a bar of hand soap and a bar of facial soap, but no shampoo.  Not an issue for us, though some travelers may want it.  Though we didn't inqure, they may have shampoos available at the front desk.

According to the website, there were modems in the rooms for Internet, but we had no use of that.

One major plus for this motel was the shower.  Water pressure in the shower was great and the hot water was awesome.  The water got nice and hot and there seemed to be plenty of it.  The shower head was a bit funky, as far as where the water sprayed, but at least the pressure was good.

When we drank the water, it wasn't too bad.  Typical chlorine smell and taste, though not as bad as some places I'd been.  They did give us four plastic cups for drinking, which was good since I hadn't brought anything like that.  The water was obviously very hard, though, and wreaked havoc on my hair. 

Kinght's Inn in Sprinfield, Ohio accepts pets for a ten dollar per night charge.  That's nice for those traveling with their furry friends.  There was a sign in the office that stated if they found out you had a pet without informing them, you'd be immediately evicted with no refund.  It was a bit harsh, but I'm sure plenty of people have sneaked their pets in.

I think I can safely say these were the hardest beds I'd ever slept on.  They were terrible.  I woke up with a sore tale-bone from sleeping on my back.  Even the slightest movement shook the whole bed, so with two people in one, it wasn't peaceful if they even twitched. 

The pillows were mismatched, one was super firm, one was thin, etc.  There were no pillow covers, just cases which were very thin.  I just tried to ignore the fact that a thin layer of cheap cotton separated my face from other peoples' drool.

Overall Opinion
I wouldn't choose to stay there again unless it was my only option.  While the price was right ($55.00 per night) it was a bit too run down and dingy for my taste.  We felt safe enough, no obvious worries lingering about, but with three separate locks on the door, it was a little unnerving. 

For a simple night stay during a road trip, it would suit, but for a more lengthy stay as we had, it could have been a little better.

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